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The club’s troubles are becoming worse as Erik ten Hag faces his fourth accusation of “torture” at Man Utd.

The most significant criticism directed towards Manchester United boss Erik ten Hag right now concerns Jadon Sancho's social media post, which raised questions about the winger's future at Old Trafford.

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Players’ opinions of Jadon Sancho after the most recent altercation with Erik Ten Hag in Man Utd

Jadon Sancho, a winger for Manchester United, has caused coach Erik ten Hag a lot of headaches when the 23-year-old voiced his displeasure with his boss in public.

After Sunday’s 3-1 loss at Arsenal, in which Sancho was not included in the United team, Ten Hag was compelled to explain why the £73m His was left at home and failed. to create even a bench. The Red Devils boss is not one to avoid questions, and his response obviously irritated Sancho.

According to Ten Hag, Jadon was not chosen following his training performance. At Manchester United, you need to perform at a certain level every day, and we can offer options up front. He was hence not chosen for this match.

Soon after, Sancho escalated matters by responding with a statement on Twitter, disputing all claims that he had not given his all during training, and claiming that he had been made the “scapegoat” for the incident.

Please don’t take everything you read at face value! I won’t stand for individuals saying things (sic) that are entirely false,” he wrote. I had a great week of training. Since I’ve been the scapegoat for so long, I don’t think there are any other motives worth mentioning.

“All I want to do is cheer when I play football and help my team. I appreciate the opportunity to play with great players, which I know is a challenge every week, and I respect all of the coaching staff’s decisions. No matter what, I’ll keep fighting for this badge!

Fans and analysts have differing opinions on this response, but former Reds player Paul Parker has made it clear where he stands. In addition to criticizing Sancho, the former United defender named numerous other members of the current generation who, in his opinion, are not always acting appropriately.

In an interview with mybettingsites, Parker reaffirmed: “We know Sancho hasn’t played, so how can Erik ten Hag justify playing him if the same incident occurred lately on the practice field? When they see him, the other players will ask themselves, “Wait a second, why doesn’t Sancho play with him?” Is he a player?With [Marcus] Rashford, [Alejandro] Garnacho, and of course [Cristiano] Ronaldo, Erik ten Hag handled the situation brilliantly. He is currently interacting with a gamer who is becoming agitated. Ronaldo did, but Rashford and Garnacho found a solution and moved on. t. This, in my opinion, reveals a lot about Jadon Sancho’s potential. When Ten Hag was questioned, he answered honestly. Does the media actually want him to lie? It has no use.

Parker claims that Rashford and Garnacho both threw rage tantrums after being late to team meetings on different occasions. Rashford will not play in the New Year’s Eve encounter against Wolves, while Garnacho will join the team during the 2022 preseason.

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