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It has been revealed that a HUGE surprise bid has been placed for Liverpool, and the new owner has been declared!

Old Trafford is scheduled to go through a massive project of reconstruction and development, but this won't happen until after the Glazer family has completed its current "strategic review," which may or may not include a full takeover of Manchester United.

by Dandozzy

They have been doing so ever since November 2022, when it was reported that the American owners would start contemplating “strategic alternatives” for the club’s future, when it was stated that they would begin doing so.

Because of this, a complete takeover became feasible, despite the fact that it hasn’t been the only possibility being considered. Both Sir Jim Ratcliffe and Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al Thani are vying for the position of new owner of the company.

There is a great deal of uncertainty around who will manage the club, and as a result, there are concerns that the process is having a bad impact on the activities that the team is participating in this summer. The current situation is that Sheikh Jassim has presented his fifth and final offer, which is somewhere in the neighbourhood of 6 billion pounds, but there has been no determination of a prefered bidder, and negotiations have proceeded with all parties interested in the property.

When it comes to the maintenance of Old Trafford, it appears that this is the case. Maris Interiors reportedly has a contract to modernise the offices located within the historic stadium. However, the renovations won’t get underway until the club’s long-term plans are figured out, as reported by The Manchester Evening News.

Populous, a company that specialises in stadium master planning, is still in the dark despite presenting suggestions for a restoration or redevelopment of Old Trafford last year. These proposals were submitted for consideration by Manchester United.

The Theatre of Dreams is infamous for having fallen into disrepair in recent years, with roof leaks and an overflowing toilet becoming the topic of jokes on social media. This is in juxtaposition to some of the cutting-edge stadiums that appear in the Premier League. The city of Liverpool has made the decision not to build a brand-new stadium and is instead trying to finish the improvements that have been in the works for the second stand of the stadium for the previous ten years.

Old Trafford has been owned by Glazer for the past 18 years, although throughout that time, there have been no big restoration or stadium extension projects allowed; the most recent building work was agreed upon in 2004 and finished in 2006. In recent years, there have been a few more minor improvements, such as painting the façade of the stadium and adorning the media area and dressing rooms. In addition, there have been some new concession stands.

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