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It is completely shameful what Brighton supporters did for Jurgen Klopp during the game. 😮

During the exciting match at the Amex, fans from Brighton mocked Liverpool with a chant that consisted of four words.

by Dandozzy

During the match between Brighton and Liverpool that took place this afternoon at the Amex Stadium, Brighton supporters made fun of their Liverpool rivals by chanting a phrase that consisted of four words.

The repercussions of the dramatic setback suffered against Tottenham the previous weekend dominated the days leading up to the match, with Jurgen Klopp voicing his opinion that a replay would be merited given the circumstances surrounding Luis Diaz’s goal being erroneously disallowed.

Before their meeting in the Premier League, Klopp lauds the distinctiveness and one-of-a-kindness of Brighton.

This was something that the home crowd at Amex Stadium completely grasped, as evidenced by the fact that they scored twice while the game was still close.

As reported by Ian Doyle on X during the first half and by Joe Shread on Sky Sports’ live web commentary (15:31) during a Brighton penalty appeal later in the game, many Seagulls supporters yelled, “We want a replay.”

The Brighton fans cry out for a “Replay, please” in the following sentence. It is really discouraging to learn that it took them 43 minutes to finish what needed to be done.

At Liverpool matches, it is all too common for select opposition “supporters” to bring shame upon themselves by indulging in horrible cries against poverty or the Hillsborough tragedy.

However, in light of recent happenings, the banter that was displayed by Brighton supporters today was acceptable, and it is exactly the kind of thing that we can appreciate and even return the favor on when the occasion warrants it.

Pascal Gross was fortunate to get away with merely a warning for tugging Dominik Szoboszlai’s shirt up to his neck shortly before halftime, despite the fact that the home crowd screamed for Virgil van Dijk to be granted a penalty for what appeared to be a handball in the second half. Despite this, the crowd yelled for Virgil van Dijk to be given a penalty in the second half.

Even while both sets of fans may say that they were treated unfairly owing to a lot of incidents that took place today, at least it wasn’t as outrageous as the Tottenham game that took place the week before. Given how the game was going, a tie seemed like the most appropriate result overall.

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