Home » Premier League » I’m willing to give up a portion of my salary for this fantastic club,’ the speaker announced today. £60 million. The Belgian international has decided to join Liverpool despite taking a £20 million wage reduction. Since Jurgen Klopp wants things finished as soon as the transfer window begins, an agreement has been struck by January. The football player is Divock Origi’s boyhood friend.

I’m willing to give up a portion of my salary for this fantastic club,’ the speaker announced today. £60 million. The Belgian international has decided to join Liverpool despite taking a £20 million wage reduction. Since Jurgen Klopp wants things finished as soon as the transfer window begins, an agreement has been struck by January. The football player is Divock Origi’s boyhood friend.

There are some strange links that may be made between Liverpool and Leroy Sané. Rarely has a suggested transfer made both so much logical sense and so little common sense at the same time.

by Dandozzy

Sané, on the one hand, is performing admirably for Bayern Munich on a week-to-week basis and has, at long last, uncovered the kind of consistency that is necessary to be a truly great player. He is a left-footed winger who has experience playing on the right side of the pitch, just like Mohamed Salah, the person he would eventually replace. The success he had with a team that finished first in the Premier League in the past is something that Liverpool will be well aware of. He is currently in the latter two years of his contract with the company.

But Liverpool isn’t even close to being sure about it. The 28th of January is Sané’s birthday, which brings us to our first point. Because of this, he might be the ideal “stopgap” until Ben Doak or another player can take up the Salah role, but the FSG would have to pay a big salary and incur significant transfer fees for a solution that is only temporary.

And despite the fact that Sané is now having a good performance each week, there are doubts about whether or not it would continue if he joined a different team because he has always had a volatile temper. This is due to the fact that Sané is a professional athlete. Taking into account how reliable Salah has been since joining Liverpool, this circumstance is significantly different from what Salah has been experiencing there.

In the end, Jurgen Klopp would need to make a lot of concessions in order for Mohamed Salah to be such a perfect stylistic fit for the team. Is there a player among the other eight that makes more sense than the others? FBref, on the other hand, is of the opinion that eight players are a more suitable complement for the Liverpool star.

Star player for Villa, Moussa Diaby

Since quite some time ago, I’ve been beating on this one particular drum. You can tell that Moussa Diaby is one of Salah’s greatest style matchups simply by watching him play, and FBref agrees with you because he puts Moussa Diaby at the top of the list.

Unfortunately, the fact that he moved to Aston Villa over the summer has made the matter somewhat more problematic. Despite the fact that he was allowed to stay at Bayer Leverkusen for an unusually longer period of time, Liverpool was unable to purchase him at a fair price. As a result, the financially stressed Midlands team is now asking a substantial amount of money for the Frenchman, who has gotten off to a spectacular start with his new squad.

Borussia Dortmund’s Malen Donyell is the player.

When considering potential replacements for Mohamed Salah on the Borussia Dortmund roster, the name Karim Adeyemi immediately comes to mind. He unquestionably possesses both trickery and pace.

Even if Adeyemi is a fantastic option, he is not the player who most closely resembles Salah in the Westfalenstadion. Salah’s most direct competition is found elsewhere. It would appear that this individual is Donyell Malen.

In a manner analogous to that of Cody Gakpo, he created an impression at PSV by scoring 40 goals in 81 games played in the league to earn a trade to the Bundesliga. It has taken Malen some time to adjust to the new environment, but he is making steady progress in his production. During his first season in the league, he scored five goals and provided six assists; at the end of the next season, those tallies had climbed to nine and seven, respectively; and he has already scored three goals so far this season. He is one of the more realistic options Liverpool possesses, and at the age of 24, he still has plenty of time to build up his reputation even further.

Vinicius Jnior, who plays for Real Madrid

The amount of time necessary to finish this one is relatively low. Vinicius Junior is one of the few players that has the potential to play in a similar manner to Mohamed Salah. However, due to his one-of-a-kind playing style and superstar status, it is highly unlikely that this will ever happen.

Surprisingly, the Brazilian’s new Real Madrid contract has not yet been made official, despite the fact that a report from AS stated that the deal had been finalised for several months already. That contract has a release provision for the amount of $1.05 billion, which is equivalent to £870 million or €1 billion.

Ferran Torres, who plays for Barcelona

It would appear that Sané is not even the best former winger to come from Manchester City to take Salah’s place on the Liverpool roster. Even if Ferran Torres’ tenure at Etihad was cut shockingly short and didn’t leave much of an impression on anyone, the 23-year-old player is still someone who should be taken into consideration.

Even though Ousmane Dembélé has left the club, Xavi does not put Torres as his first choice for the position on the squad sheet. He has scored three goals in the league so far this season in only 366 minutes, which is roughly equivalent to four games.

The right wing has been responsible for all of those goals and has been involved in the front line in various ways. In the event that Torres remains on the outside of Xavi’s plans, an appealing offer from the Liverpool squad after the acquisition of Salah may present itself.

Marco Asensio, who plays for PSG

It is a legitimate assumption to make that Liverpool will not include Marco Asensio on their watchlist for Mohamed Salah. FSG decided not to pursue the player when the Spaniard became available during the summer on a free transfer, but they did so anyway.

In spite of this, considering that the 27-year-old is still in the peak of his career, there may be a trace of regret that they did not investigate that possibility. As a result of taking a risk, PSG was rewarded with three goal involvements in three games; however, Asensio has been forced to sit out due to an injury and will not be able to contribute.

Gabriel Martinelli, who plays for Arsenal

In this situation, it is simply “too late” for Liverpool, just as it was for Diaby. Although Klopp is a vocal supporter of Gabriel Martinelli, Arsenal already had a strong framework in place before there was a possibility of luring him away from the Emirates.

Earlier on in this year, he decided to extend his contract, which will now remain in effect until 2027. The 22-year-old player’s deal is not permanent, and although Liverpool will surely keep an eye on him from a distance, he will not be able to step in and take Salah’s place at any point in the foreseeable future.

Sterling Raheem, who plays for Chelsea.

Doing something like this would definitely make an impression, wouldn’t it? Undoubtedly, Raheem Sterling is well-known to Liverpool fans due to the contentious circumstances surrounding the English forward’s departure from the club in 2015 to join Manchester City.

Surprisingly, even though he had left two years before the Egyptian arrived, he was nevertheless able to enter and be recognised as Salah’s “heir.” This serves to highlight how young Sterling was when he made his breakthrough at Anfield.

If Liverpool were going to examine this concept at all, they would have given it some thought over the summer of 2017, prior to Sterling’s departure to Chelsea, if they were going to consider it at all. In light of the fact that he will turn 29 before the end of this year, he is not a viable alternative for the long run, and it would not be prudent to risk offending a significant number of people in the process.

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