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I can’t keep him any longer since he skips training because he wants to join Liverpool’: The manager confirmed that his favorite player has expressed interest in moving on to Liverpool.

As Liverpool and Victor Osimhen's transfer request is being responded to by Napoli, Jurgen Klopp appreciates the response.

by Dandozzy

Even though Liverpool won victorious in the Merseyside derby, the officiating performance of Craig Pawson was not to Everton’s liking. Jurgen Klopp has spoken on the decision to keep the player active on the field in reaction to rumors that Ibrahima Konaté may be joining Anfield. These rumors originated in Italy. In the meantime, a director at Napoli has shared their thoughts on Victor Osimhen.

The transfer request presented by Victor Osimhen has been responded to by Napoli.

Surprisingly, Liverpool has been rumored to be interested in making a move for Nigerian striker Victor Osimhen of the Serie A team Napoli. Osimhen is keen to leave the club and play for a different team. Osimhen would arrive with a transfer fee that would break all previous records, coming in at well over $100 million.

Mauro Meluso, who is the director of Napoli, has now responded to such charges. ‘Within the next couple of weeks, the president will meet with Victor’s agent to talk about it,’ he said. “It’s perfectly normal for Osimhen to take some time in order to think about the contract proposal that we made,” the speaker said.

It does not appear likely that Liverpool will make an effort to get Osimhen, despite the fact that he is a skilled player. The 24-year-old player only plays through the middle, which is an area where Diogo Jota, Darwin Nez, and Cody Gakpo thrive.

Even though it would be nice for him to sign a new contract and make the decision to remain with the club, Osimhen is not a realistic choice to replace Mohamed Salah in the event that he leaves. In that scenario, Liverpool would want the services of a player who could play on the flanks.

Jurgen Klopp admits that Everton is his team’s competition.

Jurgen Klopp, the manager of Liverpool, effectively admitted that Konaté was fortunate to avoid receiving a red card during their match against Everton on Saturday by quickly substituting Jol Matip into the game. The next time the ball was out of play, the Frenchman was taken off the field and replaced by another player.

During the press conference that Klopp was holding, the manager said, “To be completely honest, I haven’t seen it back yet.” “I was uncertain as to whether or not I witnessed it in its whole; I believe that I was somewhere else at the time. Nevertheless, when he was down, I recognized that Ibou had a yellow card, so I knew that things may get problematic if he continued to play.

“After he was not able to obtain the second yellow, I made the decision to take him off instead of giving it another chance. I can totally empathize with the annoyance that Sean Dyche and Everton are feeling right now. Were we up 1-0 or was the score still 0-0? 10 v 10. 0-0. To me, it felt like we were on the higher ground. Had we been successful? I can’t say for sure. We are never going to get it.”

The fact that Everton finished the game with only 10 players on the field was of no assistance to Liverpool, as Burnley manager Sean Dyche’s squad played the entire game in a compact, low block formation. However, after winning a penalty shootout and breaking the tie, the Reds were the only team that could win the points for their club.

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