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Ibrahima Konate has recently provided an official statement regarding his transfer to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

A talented player for Liverpool who is 24 years old and has admitted that he has fantasized about playing for European powerhouses

by Dandozzy

Liverpool defender Ibrahima Konate admitted that he previously entertained the notion of going for Paris Saint-Germain. Konate currently plays for Liverpool.

When questioned by the French publication Canal+, the defender, who is 24 years old, responded that he would be lying if he stated that he didn’t want to play for PSG in the future at any point in his career. The Liverpool defender is aware of the fact, but has stated that achieving this is not currently one of his priorities.

“I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I said no, but if you’re asking, is that one of my goals?” he questioned. “I’d be lying if I said no.” In no possible manner.

Ever since he signed with Liverpool, Konate has established himself as a valuable contributor to the squad and has become as one of the most accomplished central defenders in the Premier League. In addition to that, he has been an important contributor for the French national team.

Because he already possesses all of the attributes that are necessary to become a world-class defender, Liverpool will try their best to keep hold of him for as long as they possibly can. His comments against Paris Saint-Germain will definitely frighten the fans, and SportBible reports that some of them are not delighted with what he revealed about the club.

In the next years, it will be fascinating to observe the defender’s decision on whether or not to sign with PSG. Because he is just entering the beginning of his prime, we may anticipate that he will make even more progress in the future. Liverpool needs to make every effort on their end if they want to keep him as a player for the long haul.

The fact that Liverpool star Virgil Van Dijk is already in his 30s means that Konate is likely going to be the starting center back for the foreseeable future. According to Jurgen Klopp, the 24-year-old is an extremely crucial asset for Liverpool, and the club would suffer significant setbacks if the player were to leave.

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