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A renowned club has officially announced that they are now in their final stage to finalize the acquisition of Mason Greenwood.

Getafe have made their intentions known regarding the permanent signing of Mason Greenwood.

by Dandozzy
  • In response to a mutual choice with Manchester United to move on, Greenwood is currently on loan in Spain.
  • At the age of 22, the player has made 13 appearances in La Liga and has scored four goals.
  • In terms of Greenwood’s future, there has been no conclusive decision taken.

Angel Corres, the president of Getafe, has stated that the club is contemplating the possibility of purchasing Mason Greenwood from Manchester United on a permanent basis.
The transfer deadline day was the day that Greenwood moved to Spain on an initial season-long loan deal.

This move came after United reversed their decision to reintegrate him into the first team squad after allegations of attempted rape, assault, and controlling and coercive behavior were dropped. Greenwood has made seven goal contributions in 13 appearances to this point.

The contract of the 22-year-old player with United expires in 2025, with the option to extend it by one year; nevertheless, prior to his temporary transfer to Getafe, the club was considering the possibility of a free transfer away from the club.

Corres, the president of Getafe, has recently disclosed that the club “believes” in Greenwood and is currently investigating various methods to ensure that he remains a member of the club permanently.

“We have not discussed the cost of the item. “We have discussed looking at the situation and seeing what they propose because there has also been a change of shareholding there at Manchester United,” he told reporters, as reported by The Athletic. “We have also discussed looking at the existing situation.”

However, we continue to be pleased with the meetings as well as the videoconferences that we have with them. Because we have a percentage and to buy the remainder of the contract, it is still too early to consider either continuing for one more season or that they will propose a price and we will commit to the entire term. Both of these possibilities deserve more consideration.

“I have a great deal of faith [in Greenwood]. From here on out, we will continue to work on a regular basis, and we will continue to meet with Manchester United to determine whether or not they are satisfied. The fact of the matter is that they are content with the way they have been treated, not just by the supporters of Getafe, but also by the entire country of Spain. Now it is imperative that we continue to defend him.

It has been sixteen months since he last played, and I believe that he will be able to get back into the rhythm perhaps in January or February. It is he who will fulfill our expectation.

90min is aware that Greenwood is content with his life in Spain and is pleased with the way things are progressing. Additionally, his performances are gaining notice from other countries. At various periods in time, Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Atletico Madrid have all observed Greenwood in action. Additionally, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund are keeping a close eye on the developments in the situation.

There is no way to completely rule out the possibility of Greenwood returning to United; nevertheless, until Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s investment has been formalized and the club’s new footballing department has been created, there will be no final decision regarding whether Greenwood will remain with the club or leave.

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