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It has come to our attention that Marcus Rashford has made the decision to leave Manchester United and join this club.

The performance of Marcus Rashford for Manchester United at the beginning of this season has been less than outstanding.

by Dandozzy

He has only scored one goal in 14 appearances across all competitions during the course of the season. In addition, he was subjected to criticism from manager Erik ten Hag after he went to a nightclub to celebrate his birthday after the team suffered a 3-0 loss to Manchester City in the Premier League.

Ten Hag said that the issue was one that occurred within the organization and mentioned that he had previously dismissed Rashford for reasons that were not related to the pitch. An unfortunate turn of events occurred when Rashford was scheduled to start a match against Fulham. However, he was unable to do so since he suffered a significant knock during the final pre-match training session.

There were doubts raised by supporters as a result of Rashford’s absence from the team lunch that was attended by the rest of the first-team players after the Fulham game. These questions led to conversations on social media and platforms such as YouTube.

A number of individuals discussed whether or whether Rashford ought to be regarded as undroppable by Ten Hag when he is in good health, while others speculated on his potential employment with the club.

When Rashford was confronted with such claims, he resorted to social media to voice his anger and request that the dissemination of nasty rumors be stopped.

In spite of the fact that his future has been the subject of numerous conversations, there have been no tangible connections to a move away from Manchester United. A significant portion of this can be attributed to the fact that Rashford signed a lucrative long-term contract with the club during the summer vacation.

Previously, Paris Saint-Germain, the French champions, were interested in signing Rashford and were willing to offer him a larger wage than what United offered. However, United ultimately decided to let him go. On the other hand, he decided to stay at Old Trafford and turned down their offers of employment.

This decision was made after Rashford had a great season in which he scored an incredible 30 goals across all competitions and assisted Manchester United in winning the Carabao Cup, which brought an end to their six-year trophy drought.

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