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The mistake that Pep Guardiola made was selling him off, and now he is one of the best stars in Europe and has more goals and assists than Lionel Messi

"Rare talent" is something that a pundit believes to be true. Currently, the former player for Manchester City is considered to be "one of the best young players in Europe."

by Dandozzy

Following his departure from Manchester City, Cole Palmer has been performing exceptionally well for Chelsea, and Martin Keown believes that he is now one of the best young players in Europe.

Palmer was an important member of Chelsea’s team that won the Premier League match against Luton Town by a score of 3-2 at Kenilworth Road yesterday.

As the Blues earned three points, the 21-year-old player not only scored two goals but also assisted on another goal scored by Noni Madueke.

On the day that the transfer deadline was approaching, Chelsea paid City a total of 42.5 million pounds to acquire Palmer.

Pep Guardiola apparently hinted to Palmer that he would have more game time at the Etihad Stadium once Riyad Mahrez left the club, but the midfielder was keen for a new beginning before the departure of Mahrez.

The decision that he made to relocate has been validated up to this point, and Martin Keown has made some substantial allegations against Palmer last night…

Palmer did an amazing job for Chelsea and Chelsea yesterday.

Following an unsuccessful attempt to clear the ball on the edge of the box, he set the Blues up for victory with a thunderous drive that went into the far corner.

After providing Madueke with an assist for Chelsea’s second goal, Palmer scored his second goal with remarkable skill and composure.

After Nicolas Jackson had passed him through, he slid the ball over Thomas Kaminski and then cut in between two Luton players to finish the passing between them.

Martin Keown, a former defender for Arsenal, expressed his admiration for Palmer’s goal on Match of the Day a number of times. He made the observation that “this man is a rare talent.” He is a delight to behold, and he exudes elegance in all that he does. He was the primary factor that differentiated the two teams from one another.

“(He) has taken everything into consideration, and the vision is already in place.” In addition to being a good complement, he possesses everything. There is no doubt in my mind that I would take him to the Euros. Be sure to have a peek at these figures! Considering these figures, he is one of the most promising young players in Europe. Having recently parted ways with Manchester City, he is just getting his career off the ground.

As of right now, Palmer has contributed eight goals and four assists for Chelsea in the Premier League. Only Jude Bellingham has contributed more goals than Palmer among players under the age of 21 who are playing in Europe’s top five divisions by this point.

It’s wonderful to see that Palmer is faring well.
After leaving Manchester City, Palmer has gotten off to a fantastic start at Chelsea, and you can’t help but feel thrilled for him. He has gotten off to every possible start.

It is impossible to hold him accountable for his decision to leave the Etihad in order to play more, as he made the decision alone. The chances that he had at the Etihad Stadium were extremely few and infrequent.

The transfer fee that City paid for him was quite substantial; yet, his early performance indicates that Chelsea may have made a good deal. Although it is too soon to conclude that Palmer is a “regret” for City, it is safe to say that he has started off quite well.

I really hope that he is able to continue to shine, and it would be wonderful to see him on that plane to England the next summer.

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