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This evening, it has been confirmed that Jordan Henderson has joined the Premier League giants in a transfer deal that is quite remarkable.

According to sources, Jordan Henderson wants to return to the Premier League months after leaving Liverpool. After 12 years at Anfield, the midfielder joined Al Ettifaq under Steven Gerrard in Saudi Arabia. He wants to return to England's top division. Henderson may accept a large pay cut and pay £7 million in taxes for a quick transfer during this window. His alleged weekly wage of £700,000 is tax-free if he stays with Al Ettifaq for two years. Henderson wants a Premier League comeback because of Saudi Arabia's challenges and adaptation. Despite these ambitions, most English top-flight clubs may struggle to satisfy his wage demands, even with a pay decrease. Despite his earlier support for the LGBTQ+ community, Henderson's relocation to Al Ettifaq has garnered criticism due to the country's homosexuality policy.

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According to a source, Jordan Henderson is reportedly considering leaving Saudi Arabia just six months after joining Al Ettifaq from Liverpool. This comes after Henderson initially joined Al Ettifaq. Following a 12-year stint at Anfield, the midfielder left the club in July to join Al Ettifaq, which is managed by Steven Gerrard.

The Daily Mail, on the other hand, reports that Henderson is anxious to return to the Premier League and is willing to accept a significant pay cut as well as the possibility of paying a tax bill of almost seven million pounds in order to assist a move within current transfer window. It is only if he stays for at least two years that his rumored weekly pay of 700,000 pounds is exempt from taxation.

It has been stated that Henderson is having a difficult time adjusting to life in Saudi Arabia, which is made even more difficult by the oppressive humidity and hot temperatures. It has also been difficult for Al Ettifaq to draw in significant numbers; despite playing in a stadium with 35,000 seats, the average number of people that attend their games is only 7,800.

Despite the fact that Henderson is interested in joining a Premier League club, the report indicates that the majority of English clubs in the top division would have a difficult time meeting his compensation demands, even if they were to reduce his salary. Because of the country’s attitude against homosexuality, Henderson’s relocation to Al Ettifaq has been met with many forms of opposition.

Over the course of this season, Henderson has made 19 appearances for Al Ettifaq, contributing five assists. This is despite the fact that he has previously shown support for the LGBTQ+ community.

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