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After yesterday’s Board Meeting that took place at Carrington, the official Manchester United partner has released a massive leak on Mason Greenwood.

According to Konami's eFootball, Mason Greenwood has been added to the roster of Manchester United, which has fueled speculation that he may soon be cleared to return to the squad.

by Dandozzy

Both the Red Devils and Konami have collaborated on the eFootball series, which is an official partnership between the two organizations.

For the Manchester United Partner’s Series, Mason Greenwood will be returning to the scene.

Screenshots collected by Mason Greenwood from the eFootball Return Flood Websites for social networking
Greenwood’s return to eFootball was brought to the attention of a number of people on social media, who then provided screenshots of the player currently listed on United’s roster.

There has been no comment from Konami over the decision to include the 21-year-old player in their video game, and it is not known whether this decision was made as a result of information provided by the club or as a result of an error made by the makers of eFootball.

The relationship between the two is described as providing the series creators with “substantial access to the club’s stars” in a statement that was published on Konami’s website beginning with the start of the commercial collaboration in 2019.

It has not yet been determined if Greenwood’s participation in the series is a direct result of this access is still unknown.

On the other hand, it would be very odd for a club official to make use of the player’s likeness if there is no reason to anticipate that he will have a comeback to the squad.

Last Word on Football is unable to independently verify the leak due to the nature of the information that has been disclosed.

It is not clear what the future holds for Mason Greenwood at Manchester United. The results of the internal investigation that his club conducted after allegations of sexual violence and domestic abuse are currently being awaited by Mason Greenwood.

Following the dissemination of photographs and videos of the alleged acts on social media, he was taken into custody in January 2022 and was subsequently suspended from the squad.

Attempts to commit rape, assault causing actual bodily harm, coercive behavior, and assault causing bodily harm were among the charges that were brought against him in October of 2022. The accusations were all dismissed by Greenwood.

All of the claims were dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service in February of this year, claiming the “withdrawal of key witnesses” and “new material” that needed to be disclosed.

Because of this, the Child Protective Services (CPS) declared that “conviction is no longer a realistic prospect.”

A decision about Mason Greenwood has been postponed by Manchester United.

Sky Sports says that the Manchester club will not make a decision regarding the player’s future before to their Premier League match against Wolves on Monday.

This is in contrast to previous reports that stated a decision would be made prior to the game.

It is believed that the club is currently in the consultation stage of its investigation. During this stage, the club and its major stakeholders, including the club’s women’s squad, will solicit comments from participants.

In light of this, it is difficult to understand why members of the women’s side were not contacted before the decision was ultimately made.

Fans will be waiting with bated breath for the club to make a decision about the future of the young player, but it is not obvious how much longer they will have to wait for an official statement from the organization.

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