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Weeping as Eric Ten Hag insulted the board of directors of Manchester United, he was fired from his position at the club. This was Ten Hag’s first press conference following being fired today.

All of the statements that Erik ten Hag made during his news conference following Manchester United's humiliating loss to Bournemouth, in which he defended Anthony Martial and criticized the team for being "not good enough."

by Dandozzy

Erik ten Hag was scathing of his Manchester United players after they were defeated by Bournemouth at Old Trafford on Saturday by a score of 3-0. The loss was a humiliating one for Manchester United.


Dominic Solanke scored the first goal for the away team just five minutes into the match, and they went on to score two more goals in the second half. United fell behind in the game.

As a result of the catastrophic performances of players such as Anthony Martial, Scott McTominay, Bruno Fernandes, and Luke Shaw, Ten Hag and his team will be subjected to additional criticism in the midst of a season that has been disappointing up to this time.


United appeared to be on the rise after their victory over Chelsea by a score of 2-1 brought them to within three points of Manchester City, the team that now holds the title of champion and has won the treble title.

The most recent humiliation, on the other hand, demonstrates how far behind their competitors the Red Devils appear to be.

They have lost seven of the sixteen Premier League games that they have played so far this season.


When Ten Hag was asked about his views regarding the performance of his squad, he responded to the press by saying that the game did not go according to plan. He replied, “Of course, annoyed, disappointed, definitely.”

Not only did I anticipate a different outcome, but I also had the hope that you would be able to improve upon Chelsea’s performance and result before the game. This is a very disappointing development.

The manner in which we began the game, and then I believe for a considerable amount of time we did everything so that we could get back into the game, we get one shot, and we come close to getting a penalty, and then in the buildup, we make a mistake, and we are not good enough in the remainder of the defense, and that is frustrating.

However, the brilliance and movement in the box were not there to grab the equalizer, despite the fact that we put a lot of effort into turning the game around. You are following the facts. We fell apart after the 2-0 score, so we need to improve our performance in the future.

UNITED Has Reached a New Low?

“I think as I say, the way we started is no good, that is poor,” the manager responded when he was questioned whether this is the lowest point in his reign at the club when he was in charge of the organization.

It is the opening five minutes of the game, and especially against an opponent like today, who is a really good transition team, you give them the right circumstances.

Although it shouldn’t have happened, we did all in our power to turn the game around. We had a lot of attacks, but we never reached a position where we could turn the game around, despite the fact that we had opportunities.


The Dutchman was left wondering why his squad is unable to string together a solid run of results. He continued by saying, “That is the question, but I think we have to always be ready for the game, and so I have to take the responsibility for that.” In my opinion, I am very dissatisfied with the way that we started, and we need to demonstrate that we are capable of doing better.

It is my responsibility to get the team ready for the game. We have the capability to do it, but you have to do it every game and every third day.

We are extremely inconsistent. We already have the ability to do it. I believe that as a team, we are not good enough to be consistent, and we need to work together as a team to improve that level of consistency.


The supporters of Manchester United celebrated when forward Martial was taken out of the game during the second half, but the coach then defended his decision.

He made the following statement: “Two weeks ago, against Everton, he played a very good game.

He absolutely has the competences and abilities to play, so I don’t think it’s fair after a performance like this to go to one player, we as a group failed entirely.”


To answer the question of whether or not he has faith in his players, Ten Hag responded by saying, “As a group, we need to improve, we need to get tougher, and that we are ready for the game from the beginning.”

Last Friday, I stated that if you are not performing at the highest levels, you cannot be a part of this league because you would be eliminated from the competition.

You are following the facts and especially against them, you make life simpler for them, and they have excellent conditions to play in.

This is what happened in the five minutes, and then you are following the facts. You can see the team struggling, scrapping, and putting in a lot of work for a long amount of time, yet it is not possible for you to concede a goal so easily and so quickly.


A total of three Premier League awards were presented to United prior to their defeat over the weekend.

After the loss to Bournemouth, Gary Lineker made a mocking reference to the fact that Ten Hag was named the league’s Manager of the Month for the month of November.

Meanwhile, defender Harry Maguire was awarded the Player of the Month award, and Alejandro Garnacho was awarded the Goal of the Month award for his incredible overhead kick against Everton.


In order for the Red Devils to advance beyond the group stage of the Champions League in the coming week, they will need to win three points against Bayern Munich and hope that Galatasaray and Copenhagen will draw.

In the aftermath of that, they will be forced to make do without their captain Bruno Fernandes for the Premier League match against Liverpool that will take place at Anfield the following week.

This is because he received a stupid booking on Saturday when playing against Bournemouth.

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