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Van Dijk has taken the opportunity to discuss his error that led to Arsenal’s second goal!

In the aftermath of the match, Virgil van Dijk admitted that he was the one who made the crucial blunder that led to Liverpool's loss against Arsenal.

by Dandozzy

He took responsibility for the mistake and accepted responsibility for contributing to the loss.

With a victory by a score of 3-1, the Gunners were able to reduce the gap between themselves and the leaders of the Premier League to only two points.

When Gabriel scored an own goal just before halftime as a result of a mix-up involving William Saliba and David Raya, the disastrous sequence began with Bukayo Saka scoring the first goal for Arsenal.

Gabriel then scored an own goal with his own goal.

At the beginning of the second half, Arsenal was able to reclaim the lead by taking advantage of a defensive breakdown that both Alisson and van Dijk.

The Dutch defender, who was attempting to block Gabriel Martinelli, allowed the ball to bounce, which created an opening for the Arsenal forward to tap the ball into an empty net.

When van Dijk reflected on the current situation, he acknowledged the discomfort it gave him and recognized that he had made a mistake by failing to clear the ball as quickly as he should have.

“Today was a challenging day,” he stated. “I take full responsibility for that, I should have done better and made a better decision, and it hurts,” she said.

“The goal for 2-1 is something I should have done better.” First and foremost for me, but also for the rest of the team.

It was a significant juncture in time.

Despite the fact that we were dominating the situation and having opportunities, the atmosphere at the Emirates was a little bit anxious.

The second half was dominated by us up until that point, when things began to change. I should merely try to clear it, but I made the incorrect decision.

Unfortunately, situations like this don’t arise very frequently, but I will get better and I will accept responsibility for my actions.

It’s not that I’m seeking for an excuse. There are decisions that you make in a split second, and I made the decision to let the ball bounce and to put my body in the way.

Things do take place. However, I will make every effort to ensure that it does not occur again.

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