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The news that Jose Mourinho has been appointed as the manager of a shocking Premier League club has just broken.

It came as a complete surprise to everyone when Jose Mourinho was appointed manager of a Premier League team early today.

by Dandozzy

The resignation of Jose Mourinho from AS Roma has been announced in the midst of a series of unsatisfactory performances that have resulted in the team falling to a mediocre ninth position in Serie A.

This marks the end of MourinhoÔÇÖs two and a half years of service at the prestigious Stadio Olimpico.

His contractual duties were scheduled to expire in the summer, which paved the way for his exit from the club, despite the fact that he had publicly expressed his want to continue working for the organization.

Mourinho is currently without any firm plans for his near future as a result of the decision to part ways with Roma, which appears to have been mostly motivated by the hierarchy of the club.

On the other hand, there is a general expectation within the footballing community that the highly regarded tactician will present many offers over the course of the next few months, as clubs compete for his managerial expertise.

Possibilities of returning to the Premier League with either Chelsea or Newcastle United have been brought up in the midst of widespread uncertainty and conjecture.

In spite of this, such actions are now considered highly implausible, and there are no formal confirmations on the horizon.

The ownership of Chelsea appears to be unwavering in their support of the present head coach, Mauricio Pochettino, despite the fact that significant segments of the supporters have voiced their disapproval of his performance.

A similar situation is occurring at Newcastle United, which is managed by Eddie Howe.

The club is dealing with a number of injuries to its roster, but they appear to be willing to give him more time to turn the tide.

MourinhoÔÇÖs prior fascination with the idea of managing in Saudi Arabia has resurrected discussions, with speculation claiming that he may field bids from the Saudi Pro League come summertime, provided that he remains unattached to any particular club.

Nevertheless, in spite of past overtures from Al Hilal, who had dangled a lucrative contract in front of the club, the club is currently enjoying a profitable run under the system that they currently have in place for its managing staff.

In the meantime, clubs like as Al Ahli and Al Nassr, the latter of which is the current team that Cristiano Ronaldo is playing for, are being considered as possible destinations where MourinhoÔÇÖs managerial expertise may find a new home.

The area of international management gives Mourinho with an additional opportunity to investigate, which extends beyond the realm of club football.

As a result of the fact that multiple managerial openings are anticipated to become available following the conclusion of Euro 2024 and the Copa America, which will be followed by the World Cup in 2026, the Portuguese tactician may have the opportunity to enter the fray.

There have been reports that imply that Mourinho is open to consider the possibility of managing the England national team in the event that Gareth Southgate resigns from his job after the Euros.

However, Southgate has stated that he would like to stay in his current role.

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