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Just in time, the incredible news that Liverpool fans have been waiting for following tonight’s victory has finally been confirmed. 🚨

The search for a new sporting director at Liverpool is expected to begin sooner rather than later, according to a reputable journalist who has stated that supporters of the club may "expect movement" in the near future.

by Dandozzy

The position is now vacant at Anfield as a result of Jorg Schmadtke’s decision to stand down following the conclusion of the January transfer window.

The individual who succeeds Schmadtke will then be eligible to participate in the process of selecting Jurgen Klopp’s eventual successor.

The club intends to finalize the appointment of the sports director first before they look for a new manager, according to Ben Jacobs, who wrote an article for the Daily Briefing for Okpops.

Jacobs also stated that efforts to fill the former job are going to increase over the next few weeks.

“Liverpool’s plan is to find a sporting director first, and quickly, then have them input on Jurgen Klopp’s replacement,” the journalist stated.

“Liverpool plan to find a sporting director.”

When he continued, he stated, “It is abundantly clear that Liverpool wants that senior recruitment executive to be hired first, and as soon as possible, regardless of who they appoint and what title they carry.”

“Now that the window for January has closed, I anticipate that there will be activity on that front in the weeks to come.

Consequently, this provides them with a considerable amount of time to secure a replacement for Klopp before the conclusion of the season.

The fact that Liverpool always has a plan means that there will be no concern about finding the ideal manager and sporting director to take over leadership.

In the midst of the injury crisis at Anfield, an ex-Manchester City star has dropped his verdict on Liverpool, saying, “They’ve done it before.”

The Liverpool-Alonso-Bayern triangle is discussed in further detail by Jan Aage Fjortoft, who says that Liverpool is “still the favorite.”

A role as integral as the sporting director at Liverpool isn’t one to be decided frivolously, with due process needing to be undertaken in order to identify the right candidate for such a vital position, but Reds fans must be relieved to hear that the search for Schmadtke’s successor is likely to accelerate soon.

In recent days, there have been rumors that names like Simon Rolfes, Frederic Massara, and Tim Steidten are being considered for the position.

However, regardless of who is ultimately chosen for the position, the process of choosing Klopp’s replacement can then be accelerated.

We should also hope that, despite the fact that the position of sporting director at Anfield has been filled by three different individuals over the course of the previous two years, the next person to hold that position will remain in place for an extended period of time.

This would be to bring about a sense of stability after the brief reigns of Julian Ward and Schmadtke.

The update provided by Jacobs suggests that we could not be too far away from finding out who will be assigned the responsibility of handling the first transfer window under the new manager.

This individual will have large shoes to fill following the legendary Klopp period at Liverpool, which will be a difficult assignment to accomplish.

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