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In the video, Felipe attempts to explain why he was not sent off for choking Bruno Fernandez, the captain of Manchester United. This is the identical action that resulted in Casemiro being banned.

Felipe, a defender for Nottingham Forest, avoided receiving a red card during his team's FA Cup loss to Manchester United on Wednesday night.

by Dandozzy

The incident appears to have occurred during the match. Late in the match, the defender got into a heated argument with Bruno Fernandes, and as a result, he grabbed the Manchester United midfielder by the throat.

The video assistant referee (VAR) conducted an investigation into the event shortly after it occurred; nonetheless, Felipe was not given his marching orders despite the fact that the incident was captured on camera and investigated by the authorities.

Why Earlier, Manchester City won their match against Manchester United. 3:30 p.m. is the start time.

In the fifth round of the FA Cup, the two clubs competed against one another, with the goal of securing a position in the quarterfinals.

Casemiro scored a late header to win the game, which allowed Erik ten Hagā€™s squad to continue to the next round.

The match was a close affair, with neither team dominating the proceedings.

Fernandes supplied the Brazilian midfielder with an assist by giving a free kick into the Forest area, which the Brazilian player managed to convert.

Forest was taken aback by the late goal, following which Felipe committed the foul just a few moments later.

An argument between Fernandes and Felipe occurred not long after United took the lead late in the game by a significant margin.

According to the footage captured by the cameras, the Forest defender was seen placing his hand around the Portuguese starā€™s throat. However, the cause of the brawl remains unknown.

While the video assistant referee (VAR) was conducting the investigation, Fernandes appeared perplexed as he narrated the situation to his teammate Alejandro Garnacho and indicated that he had been strangled.

Considering how plainly the incident was captured on film, it is unexplainable that Felipe was not punished for his actions.

Casemiro, who scored on Wednesday, was involved in a situation that was quite similar to this one during the previous season.

He grabbed Will Hughes of Crystal Palace by the throat that resulted in him receiving a three-match suspension for his actions.

Despite the fact that Fernandes had been a question mark going into the game owing to an injury, he ended up playing the full ninety minutes.

Ten Hag is under the impression that Forest targeted him throughout the remainder of the match due to his ailment.

Erik ten Hag made the accusation that Forest was going after Fernandes.

The midfielder is reportedly suffering from a serious injury, according to the manager of Manchester United.

When it comes to Manchester United, Bruno Fernandes is feeling frustrated.

Ten Hag claimed that Fernandes had recently sustained a ā€œvery significantā€ injury, despite the fact that he had played the entire 90 minutes on Wednesday night.

He accused the Forest squad of being aware of this and deliberately targeting him as a result of this misunderstanding.

Iā€™m not going to disclose what he has, but itā€™s a major injury, and knowing how serious it was, they criticize him on social media, which is pathetic and canā€™t be correct.

You saw that Forest was targeting him. Iā€™m not going to reveal what he has.

ā€œHe has a bad injury, but he will play on Saturday [against Fulham]; he fought to be a part of this game,ā€ Ten Hag said in an interview with Goal.

In the previous season, he demonstrated his leadership by doing something similar at Spurs in the semi-finals.

This is something that is incredibly important when you are a leader because it feeds throughout the team. He has a high pain tolerance.

The referee Chris Kavanagh has issued 83 yellow cards in 21 matches so far this season, with only one red card being issued. This is the key statistic for GIVEMESPORT.

It was observed when Fernandes was walking out of the stadium after the game that took place at the City Ground. He appeared to be fatigued afterwards.

On Sunday, he is still slated to play against Manchester City, according to the schedule.

Since joining the Red Devils in 2021, Fernandes has not missed a single game due to injury.

His availability has helped him establish himself as one of the most important players at Old Trafford, and he has not missed a single game since then.

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