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A major player for Manchester United has released a statement stating that he will not be playing under Erik ten Hag

Mason Greenwood's possible departure from Manchester United during the forthcoming summer transfer window adds to the conjecture that surrounds the club's player exodus.

by Dandozzy

Jadon Sancho has emerged as one of the names that has been connected with an exit at the conclusion of the current season.

Sancho’s turbulent connection with Manchester United resulted in his return to Borussia Dortmund on loan in January.

This came after he had a disagreement with boss Ten Hag, which had kept him out of the Red Devils’ squad since August.

According to sources from BILD, Sancho does not have any intention of going back to Old Trafford during the summer. This indicates that his membership with the English club may come to an end if Ten Hag continues to serve as the manager for the upcoming season.

It has been stated that Sancho considers the Dutch manager accountable for his troubles and is hesitant to play under his supervision again. He attributes his career decline to Ten Hag, and he attributes his struggles to the Dutch manager.

The potential of Sancho spending another loan season at Dortmund for the 2019 season has developed as a result of Sebastian Kehl, the sporting director of Dortmund, being excited about the prospect of keeping Sancho in Germany.

According to reports, Sancho would have to settle for a lower pay in order to extend his stay at Dortmund. This is because the club might not be able to match the amount of money he is now making at Manchester United.

The uncertain future raises worries about Sancho’s career at Manchester United, despite the fact that his contract with the club is set to expire in 2026, with an option to extend it until 2027 when it becomes available.

Given the circumstances, Sancho and Manchester United are in a difficult position because it is possible that another loan move would not be beneficial to either of them.

Sancho’s exit might provide additional finances for reinforcements while also relieving the pressure of his heavy salaries.

This is because the new co-owners of Manchester United are preparing big investments in the forthcoming transfer window.

On the other hand, considering Sancho’s lackluster performance since his return to Dortmund, it is possible that permanent suitors will be few, which will make the transfer dynamics more complicated for both teams.

The uncertain future of Sancho adds another layer of intricacy to the ongoing situation, placing both the player and Manchester United at a crossroads. Dortmund is currently in the process of formulating their transfer strategy.

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