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During the sky sport interview, ONANA blasted FABRIZIO ROMANO, saying, “I am superior to DE GEA in one area.”

In just five games, Onana's Manchester United team has allowed ten goals to be scored against them, and they have only managed to keep one clean sheet. This has been a difficult beginning for Onana.

by Dandozzy

Onana has made more saves per game than De Gea has, according to comparisons between the two. For example, De Gea has a higher passing accuracy and a greater accuracy with long passes.

In his peak, De Gea was a phenomenal shot-stopper; however, it is yet unknown whether Onana will be able to live up to the expectations that have been placed on him and contribute to the improvement of the team’s performance.

After taking over for David de Gea, who had been the goalkeeper at Old Trafford for more than a decade, Andre Onana has begun his time at Manchester United with a difficult beginning.

After the expiration of his contract earlier this year, the Spaniard left the club, and he has not yet arrived at a new team to play for.

The Spanish goalkeeper’s failure to successfully play the ball out from the back resulted in certain parts of the Manchester United crowd being increasingly outspoken about their dissatisfaction with the situation.

As a result of the Dutch manager Erik ten Hag’s expectations that his squad would be comfortable playing the ball to the goalie and the goalkeeper would be comfortable receiving the ball, these supporters claimed that the 32-year-old was holding the team back with his coaching.

It was determined that Onana was the best candidate to replace De Gea after he displayed exceptional skills in this aspect of the game during the Champions League final.

Beginning with the time that the two had spent working together at Ajax in the past, Ten Hag had a relationship with the former Inter Milan goalie that had been going on for quite some time.

By the time this article is being written, the 2023–24 Premier League season has only played five games, so it is still in its early stages. The new goalkeeper for Manchester United, on the other hand, has not yet gone according to plan.

At Old Trafford, Onana’s beginning has been rocky.

With only five games played, United has allowed a total of ten goals to be scored against them, making them one of only two clubs in the entire division to have conceded more goals in the league so far this season than United has.

This indicates that Onana allows an average of two goals to be scored against each opponent, with Wolves being the only team that Onana has managed to keep a clean sheet against.

During his final season with Manchester United, De Gea was able to record an astounding 17 clean sheets throughout the course of the 38 games that he played.

As a result, he was awarded the “Golden Glove” trophy. Onana has obviously not been a shining example of excellence at times, despite the fact that it may be an unfair comparison because to the disparity in performances from the team as a whole — United began the 2023/24 season in a manner that was exceedingly terrible.

The Cameroonian goalkeeper made an unusual attempt to save a shot from Taiwo Awoniyi during his second appearance at Old Trafford.

The Cameroonian effectively sat down, which allowed the Nottingham Forest striker to place his shot into the gaping right-hand side of the net.

At the time, it was considered fortunate that he had not given away a late penalty in his Premier League debut.

After allowing the first goal to be scored, Andre Onana reacts to the situation.

Despite Onana’s best efforts to save the effort, he was only able to assist the ball into his own net, which resulted in Arsenal stealing all three points from Ten Hag’s team.

The goal was scored by Declan Rice in the last minutes of the game.

On its way into the back of the net, a goal scored by Joao Pedro in the most recent league loss came close to touching the fingertips of the United number one.

He has not only struggled in the league, but also in the Champions League, where he made his debut for the club and Bayern Munich scored four goals against him.

The United goalkeeper has had a difficult time handling the pressure. Onana was also unable to stop a tame effort from Leroy Sané, as the shot bounced into the net via his palms. Onana lost the opportunity to stop the shot.

In what aspects of the game does David de Gea perform really well?

In order to determine which of the two goalkeepers is superior, we conducted a comparison between them using statistics from Squawka.

We utilized De Gea’s 2022/23 season as a basis for our analysis, and we also factored in Onana’s 2023/24 season up to this point.

Each indicator was measured on a per-90 basis in order to maintain as much fairness as possible, despite the fact that the Spanish player has a bigger sample size from which to choose.

That De Gea was, for the most part, more effective with his passing during the previous season than his successor has been so far this term is something that could come as a surprise to some people.

Although he has a slightly lower passing accuracy of 68.33%, he has tried (13.7) and completed (5) more long passes than the Onana in every 90 minutes.

De Gea’s long pass accuracy of 35.96% is much higher than Onana’s long pass accuracy of 23.64%.

This does not take into consideration the fact that the new goalkeeper prefers to play short passes rather than going long.

Premier League club Manchester United David de Gea The data also indicates that United’s defense may have had more organization during the previous season, since they were subjected to an average of 1.1 long shots on target each game, which is far higher than the 0.8 shots per 90 that they have faced this season.

De Gea has a better record of saving these shots from beyond the box, but it is only marginally better than his successor, who has a record of 0.8. This will go some way toward explaining the reason why De Gea makes these saves.

The overall save percantage is another parameter in which the Spanish goalkeeper performs exceptionally well, with a success rate of slightly more than 70 percent for the entire season.

This is higher than the 66.67% that Onana achieved.

When does Onana shine the brightest?

When the new goalkeeper was brought in during the summer, it was possible that the assumption was that he would be a revelation with the ball at his feet.

However, this has not necessarily been the case, as Onana has struggled with longer range passing over the course of his time with the team.

It has gone viral that footage of Andre Onana participating in a training session for Manchester United

While the 27-year-old has allowed more goals to be scored on average than his predecessor, he has still managed to save more shots each game, with an average of four, compared to De Gea’s 2.7.

Given that the club’s goalkeeper is making more saves, but also allowing more goals to be scored, this is further evidence that Onana is not performing well behind a good defense at the moment.

According to the statistics, Onana has been subjected to an average of six shots on target for every ninety, with 5.2 of those shots stemming from within the penalty area.

While De Gea faced an average of 3.8 shots on target per match, only 2.8 of those shots were within the box on average, comparing this to the previous number one at Old Trafford is like comparing chalk and cheese.

Andre Onana 2023/24 will face David de Gea in the 2022/23 season, according to 90.

For Onana versus De Gea, here is our conclusion

Onana has only played five league games, which means that his form is based on a considerably smaller sample size that is not boosted in any way by the performances of those who are in front of him—despite the fact that the statistics are very much in favor of the former goalie at Manchester United, who tops ten out of sixteen categories.

The team does appear to be much more at ease when the ball is sent back to the former Cameroon international, and more significantly, he appears to be much more confident in possession of the ball than ever before De Gea has been.

As of right now, it is impossible to draw too many conclusions, but the end of the season will be a more fair time to compare the two in a proper manner.

There is still time for this, of course, but De Gea was a fantastic shot-stopper in his prime, and Onana has not yet demonstrated that he can do the same.

Once time has passed, it will become clear whether or not the new man is capable of living up to expectations and beginning to assist his team in climbing out of the hole they are now in.

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