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Message from Sir Jim Ratcliffe to Eric Ten Hag this morning, following Everton’s loss, stating that your sins have been forgiven and that you should not sin any longer

Everton is defeated by Manchester United 2-0 thanks to penalties scored by Marcus Rashford and Bruno Fernandes. Erik ten Hag's team was victorious.

by Dandozzy

In the encounter between Manchester United and Everton, a 2-0 victory was secured by penalties scored by Bruno Fernandes and Marcus Rashford, which were won by player of the match Alejandro Garnacho. Free match highlights will be available on Sky Sports’ digital platforms beginning at 5:15 p.m.

Marcus Rashford and Bruno Fernandes scored penalties in the first half of Manchester United’s 2-0 victory over Everton at Old Trafford.

The victory came after Manchester United suffered a loss to Manchester City.

There were two penalty kicks that were gained by Alejandro Garnacho.

The first one was converted by Fernandes in a smart manner, and then the second one was given to Rashford.

This allowed the winger to find the back of the net for a second consecutive game, following his long-range stunner in the derby that took place the previous weekend.

Everton’s wastefulness in front of goal guaranteed that it was a comfortable victory for Erik ten Hag’s side, bringing them within three points of fifth-placed Tottenham, who have two games in hand.

Manchester United’s performance were sloppy at times, but Everton’s wastefulness ensured that it was a comfortable victory.

When the teams lined up | Statistics from the match

In the end, the team managed by Sean Dyche finished with 23 shots, while Manchester United had 15 shots. This was the most shots taken by an away team at Old Trafford throughout the entire season.

However, the team once again displayed a striking lack of cutting edge in front of goal, as their winless streak in the Premier League reached 11 games, which was equal to a club record that was established in 1994.

The Toffees are still in 16th place, five points above the drop zone; nevertheless, their opponents and competitors for relegation have the opportunity to close the distance between them.

Due to the fact that this is a restricted version of the narrative, the content in question is sadly not accessible.

Ratings of the players

Onana (7), Lindelof (6), Varane (7), Dalot (7), Evans (7), Casemiro (5), Mainoo (6), Fernandes (8), Garnacho (8), McTominay (6), and Rashford (7) are the players that have been selected for Manchester United Amrabat (6), Kambwala (6), and Antony (6) were substituted in.

For Everton, the following players have been selected: Pickford (7), Godfrey (5), Tarkowski (6), Branthwaite (7), Mykolenko (5), Harrison (6), Onana (6), Garner (6), McNeil (7), Doucoure (5), and Beto (5).
Calvert-Lewin (5), Gomes (6), Dobbin (6), Young (6), and Chermiti (6) were the respective substitutes.

Alejandro Garnacho was named the Player of the Match.

The manner in which Manchester United punished Everton for their wastefulness

In this conversation, Vinny O’Connor, a reporter for Sky Sports News, and Jamie Jackson, a journalist for The Guardian, debate Manchester United’s chances of qualifying for the Champions League and Everton’s recent wasted opportunities in front of goal.

The home team, which was plagued by injuries, finished the first half with two goals to their name, but their performance in the first half was marred by sloppiness, as they often allowed Everton to take possession of the ball within their own half.

In their 3-1 loss to Manchester City, Manchester United did not make any changes to their lineup, and Marcus Rashford started once more.

Also, Everton did not make any changes to their lineup, with Dominic Calvert-Lewin sitting on the bench and Beto starting in the front line position.

However, Dwight McNeil, Amadou Onana, and Ben Godfrey were among the players who missed opportunities for the visitors.

On the other hand, the dangerous Garnacho was able to punish them for their failure to capitalize on their opportunities.

The first penalty was gained by Fernandes as he shimmied away from James Tarkowski, drawing a blatant foul from the Everton center-back.

Fernandes then succeeded in placing the penalty kick out of Jordan Pickford’s reach, so scoring his first goal in the Premier League since November.

After converting a penalty kick to give Manchester United a 1-0 lead, Bruno Fernandes celebrates his success.

After that, Godfrey was the one who was responsible for the second time that Garnacho was dragged down in the box in an awkward manner.

After a slow run-up, Rashford, who is 26 years old, sent Pickford the wrong way, proving that Fernandes’ odd decision to send the spot-kick to Rashford was a good one.

During the interval between the two penalties, Pickford made a remarkable save on a free-kick taken by Fernandes. As the half progressed, Manchester United became more dangerous.

After committing a foul on Alejandro Garnacho, Ben Godfrey is forced to accept a penalty.

After the break, the home team had more opportunities, most of which were on the counterattack. Garnacho was not quite able to convert a low cross by Fernandes, which was one of several chances, and Victor Lindelof had a close-range shot that was blocked after a corner kick.

Everton, on the other hand, continued to find space in the Manchester United half, but to no avail. Abdoulaye Doucoure had a shot that was stopped by Andre Onana near the post, and Dominic Calvert-Lewin was unable to convert a cross-shot that was taken by Lewis Dobbin, who was also a substitute.

From the penalty spot, Rashford scores the second goal for his individual team.

As Everton continued to batter the United goal, Calvert-Lewin also fired a free header from a corner straight at Onana. However, the bluntness of Everton’s players was such that there was no real sense of danger for the home team as the second half meandered into its end.

After suffering consecutive Premier League losses to Fulham and Manchester City, Manchester United’s chances of qualifying for the European Championship were significantly improved by this victory.

Everton, on the other hand, has not yet won a game and is in danger of falling back into difficulty. The situation appears to be getting progressively more dire.

Due to the fact that this is a restricted version of the narrative, the content in question is sadly not accessible.

When it comes to Garnacho, we are taking it to a whole new level.

“I was very pleased with the pressing and also the defending of the box,” said Erik ten Hag, the manager of Manchester United. If there is one thing that could be improved, it would be to keep more of the ball, to be more calm while playing with the ball, and to play more give-and-gos.

According to the coach, “When you have a high press, you can’t go all the time with long balls because you stretch the pitch, and we don’t actually want that to happen.” However, the overall performance and outcome were both satisfactory.

“It was a successful performance by the team as a whole, but particularly by our back four, our goalkeeper in the back, and Casemiro in the front.” They have done the job extremely well.

The manner in which we defended set-plays was excellent; it was extremely well organized and concentrated, and everyone took responsibility for their work.

Beginning with the second phase, they were presented with a few possibilities; yet, I believe that we did very well overall.

With regard to the second penalty, “They made their decision on the field together.”

There are, however, additional really good penalty takers in our group.

Bruno is one of them, Rashy is one of them, Casemiro and Christian Eriksen are also among them, and there are others.

“When you have someone like that on your team, that is a very wonderful thing.

The presence of two different penalty takers makes it more difficult for the other team and the goalkeeper to make a decision when you get two at such short notice.

With regard to Garnacho, “It’s about him and whether or not he can keep the focus.”

In the event that he puts forth the appropriate amount of effort both during a game and over the week, because it can be challenging for younger players to do so because they lack necessary expertise.

“As a coaching staff, we have a job to do, but he is able to maintain this focus and attitude, and he will improve from game to game, and that is what we see,” the coach said. We have a great deal of satisfaction with his performance.

When dealing with younger athletes, it is imperative that you remind them to maintain their concentration throughout the week.

You are able to win your game throughout the week, and in order to achieve the performance that we want on the weekend, we need to work extremely hard during our training sessions and meetings because we need to be accurate.

Eric ten Hag lauded the influence that Marcus Rashford has had.

“Just like the other players on the team, I enjoy working with him. I find it very enjoyable.” He is a player who is very courageous and self-assured, and it is our responsibility to push him to higher levels. He is a guy who enjoys a challenge and needs a challenge.

“However, he is acting in this manner. Now is the time to unleash the potential that he possesses, as he possesses a great potential.

You are required to put in work on a daily basis, and when you are young, you do not have the experience of playing in a highly competitive environment and having to perform every third day.

In order to get better, you need to have that experience, and you have to do well in each and every training session.

There are a lot of different areas in which they can better themselves.

In an interview with TNT Sports, the captain of Manchester United, Bruno Fernandes, stated, “Obviously, we are aware that we need to win every game that we have ahead of us.”

When it comes to the league, we are aware of our standing, and that is not sufficient for us. We would like to make an effort to secure a berth in the roster for the Champions League.

We are aware that it is going to be challenging and challenging, but we have to have success in these games.

By converting a penalty kick in the first half, Bruno Fernandes makes it 1-0.

It was not a victory for us against Fulham. That was not sufficient in any way. As a result, we travel to City, where we fail to win two consecutive games in a row.

Things start to get difficult. However, there are times when Tottenham is performing exceptionally well, and Aston Villa is doing incredibly well. It is going to be more challenging for us than it is for them, but we have to keep pushing.

Marcus Rashford was given the second penalty, and the coach said, “We both kick the penalties on the field.” When I asked Marcus if he was interested in taking, he said that he was certain about it. Among the individuals who are selected to take penalties by the manager is he. “I had the feeling that I had my one, and Rashy could score his goal from the penalty spot.”

Lack of a “killer mentality” is a source of frustration for Dyche.

“With all due respect to the squads I’ve had, I’ve never been here and had that many chances or opportunities,” said Sean Dyche, the manager of Everton; “I’ve never been here.” We’ve had a string of situations like this, and it’s quite frustrating.

“The scoreline is the statistic that is significant, despite the fact that we have been doing correctly in a great number of ways.

This is the part of the situation in which we are coming out on the wrong side, and in order to change it, we need to keep working around it.

“Both of the penalties are not severe. They are penalties, but from our perspective, they are not extremely severe.

All they require is that you do not move your feet quickly enough and that you deal with the situation, both of which we have done very effectively.

My situation is not easy at all. In light of the fact that I believe the defensive side of the squad has been performing well this season, I will refrain from overly questioning it.

In action at Old Trafford is Beto, who plays for Everton.

After the game, I had a conversation with the players, and some of them told me that, as Brian Clough used to say, sometimes you had to get hurt in order to score a goal.

As far as I can tell, it is not possible for all of the goals to be glorious; you have to suffer some kind of injury.

The fact that we are getting into areas that may potentially be awkward goals or that are hungry enough to be harmed in order to get a goal is something that needs to alter.

After you have begun scoring those, you will then begin scoring the nice ones, and this is the sequence in which it is necessary to complete the project.

I am witnessing a team that is dedicated, they are in good shape, and some of the football that was played today was quite satisfying.

In light of the fact that they are doing a lot of things correctly, it is really disheartening to not see it come to fruition with them scoring more goals.

When it comes to finishing everything off, you need to score goals, and having a killer attitude is essential.

What happened during the match

Garnacho, Alejandro, was named the player of the match.

The Argentine winger made a significant impact by winning two penalties. The first penalty was won after he performed some deft footwork up against Tarkowski, while the second penalty was won when he made a graceful run into the penalty area.

When Garnacho was successful in winning the first penalty, he celebrated.

Throughout the second half, he continued to be a threat on the break.

His runs placed him in behind Everton’s backline on multiple times, and the only thing that frustrated him was that he was unable to get his name on the scoresheet. As a result, Everton was unable to gain a handle on him.

Bruno Fernandes, who plays for Manchester United, has tied Mohamed Salah for the most penalties scored in the Premier League since his debut in February 2020. He has scored 17 penalties altogether, making him the player with the most.

Old Trafford has been the location of eleven of Fernandes’ penalties, with Ruud van Nistelrooy being the only player in the Premier League to have scored more penalties at the stadium than Fernandes.

Alejandro Garnacho was the first player to win two penalties in a single Premier League game since Antonio Rudiger for Chelsea against Leeds in December 2021. He was also the first player in the history of the tournament to accomplish it for Manchester United.

Everton has scored 29 goals from 397 shots in the Premier League this season, which is their lowest rate in a season since statistics began being kept in 1997-1998.

Their shot conversion percentage in the Premier League is just 7.3% and they have scored 29 goals.

The longest winning streak of any team presently competing in the Premier League is held by Everton, who have not won a single game throughout their 11 Premier League matches (D5 L6).

What comes after this?

The quarterfinals of the FA Cup will take place on Sunday, March 17, at 3.30 p.m., and Manchester United will play their rivals Liverpool at home.

On Saturday, March 30, United will play Brentford in their return to Premier League action, which will be broadcast across Sky Sports. The game will begin at 8:00 p.m.

Everton will play their next Premier League match on Saturday, March 30, at Bournemouth. This match will take place three weeks from now. It will begin at three o’clock.

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