Home » Premier League » It is difficult to understand that Manchester City midfielder KELVIN DE BRUYNE has divorced his wife this morning, following the results of a DNA test that indicated their five-year-old son is the biological child of a very well known Manchester United player.

It is difficult to understand that Manchester City midfielder KELVIN DE BRUYNE has divorced his wife this morning, following the results of a DNA test that indicated their five-year-old son is the biological child of a very well known Manchester United player.

If Kevin De Bruyne has a wife, who is she? The Complete Story of Michèle De Bruyne

by Dandozzy

The relationship between Kevin De Bruyne, a famous player for Manchester City, and his wife Michèle dates back to 2014.

Since joining Manchester City in 2015, the midfielder has been instrumental in the club’s success, as he has been awarded Premier League Player of the Year twice and has helped the team win five Premier League titles.

Before moving on to play for Chelsea in the Premier League, the Belgian athlete began his career in his home nation of Belgium, where he was spotted playing for Genk.

After that, in 2014, he relocated to Wolfsburg, which is located in Germany. It was during his time playing for Wolfsburg that he met his future wife, Michèle.

After waiting for three years, Kevin and Michèle finally tied the knot in 2017. They are now parents to three children: two sons and a daughter with each other.

Kevin paid respect to his wife in an interview that was conducted in 2019 with The Players’ Tribune.

He stated that his wife “changed my life in so many and different ways.” In all honesty, I have no idea what I would do if she were not in my life.

Michèle De Bruyne is the person he considers to be the most significant in his life, but who exactly is she for him? Everything you need to know about Kevin De Bruyne’s wife and their life together is included in this article.

2014 was the year when she and Kevin first connected on Twitter.

In addition to Michèle De Bruyne, Kevin


The year 2014 marked the beginning of Kevin and Michèle’s (née Lacroix) relationship.

According to Kevin, who was interviewed by The Players’ Tribune, the couple first became acquainted through the use of Twitter.

It was a tweet that started it all. Due to the fact that I was still on loan at Werder Bremen at the time, I only had a few thousand followers at the time,” he remembered.

“So I tweeted something about a match or whatever, and this pretty girl favorited it,” I said.

A friend of mine noted that I was not in a relationship at the time. “She appears to be a nice girl, don’t you think?” he asked. The message that you should convey to her is: ”

On the other hand, Kevin stated that he “didn’t even have the heart to slide into my future wife’s direct messages,” so the friend of the soccer player composed a note on his behalf and then pushed the send button.

The midfielder continued by saying, “Thank goodness, he sent the message for me, and she responded subsequently.” We corresponded with one another via SMS over a period of several months.

I find that once I get to know someone, it is much simpler for me to do things, so after that, I was good to go. I must say that it was a truly stunning thing.

In 2017, she tied the knot with Kevin.

The Belgian soccer player made his proposal to Michèle near the Eiffel Tower in Paris in December of 2016, and the couple went on to get married in Sorrento, Italy, on June 26, 2017.

After the wedding, Michèle posted a picture of the couple kissing on Instagram with the straightforward statement, “26.06.2017.” Kevin, on the other hand, published a picture of his own and captioned it, “So proud I can call you my wife now!”

On the occasion of their first wedding anniversary in 2018, Kevin tweeted a tribute to Michèle on his social media account.

He referred to their first year of marriage as a “amazing year with many more to come” and referred to his wife as his “partner in crime.”

In the year 2023, when the couple was celebrating their sixth wedding anniversary, he did the same thing.

On Instagram, he expressed his happiness by writing, “Happy six-year anniversary to my beautiful wife and the best mother to our three children❤️🥰.”

When she is with Kevin, she has three children.

Member of the De Bruyne family, Kevin and Michèle


Currently, the couple is the parents of three children. When they found out that Michèle was expecting their first child during the transfer window in 2015, Kevin later described it as a “extremely stressful time” for the family. The pregnancy was Michèle’s first child.

In March of 2016, they welcomed their first child, a son named Mason Milian. Eight months later, in October of 2018, they welcomed their second son, Rome.

The next year, in September of 2020, Michèle and Kevin became parents for the third time to their first daughter, Suri.

During the celebration of Michèle’s 29th birthday, Kevin referred to her as the “best mommy” in a post on Instagram.

She encourages her spouse to pursue a career in soccer.

The family of Kevin and Michele De Bruyne has been reunited.


Kevin has accomplished five victories in the Premier League since he joined Manchester City in the year 2015.

On the occasion of the team’s victory in 2018, Michèle shared a photograph on Instagram in which she was seen carrying the Premier League trophy alongside her husband and son.

When her husband is serving in an international capacity, she is there to support him. Following Belgium’s elimination from the World Cup by France in 2018, she expressed her sorrow to her husband and son by posting a selfie of herself on Instagram with the colors of the Belgian flag on her face.

When Kevin won his fifth Premier League championship in June of 2023, he was a champion.

On Instagram, Michèle posted a snapshot of herself and her husband embracing each other on the field, along by the caption “No words ❤️.”

He is a co-host of a podcast.

A co-host of the Secret Society podcast, Michèle defines the show on its Instagram page as “Your dose of girl talk.” Michèle is a member of the Secret Society ensemble.

On this podcast, which is conducted in Dutch, the hosts have conversations with a wide range of creatives and celebrities from the Netherlands and Belgium.

Actress Lize Feryn, DJ and model Luna Stevens, and photographer Marie Wynants are among the people who have appeared as guests on the podcast, as stated on the page for the show on Spotify.

Both she and her spouse are active participants in charitable activities.

Both the midfielder for Manchester City and his wife are involved in philanthropic activities. According to Bleacher Report, Kevin is employed by the children’s charity Rays of Sunshine. Additionally, his club said that Kevin has demonstrated assistance with the fundraising efforts for COVID-19.

In December of 2019, Michèle shared on Instagram photographs of the couple paying a visit to youngsters who were receiving medical treatment at a hospital in Manchester as part of the “Kicks for Kids” initiative held by Roc Nation Sports.

Her words, which were written below the photographs, were as follows: “Thank you for the warm welcome, it was wonderful to see smiles on these children’s faces.”

One of the commercials that she and Kevin appeared in was for McDonald’s Belgium.

Instagram was the platform through which the couple shared their McDonald’s commercial in March of 2023.

The video shows Michèle and Kevin making a decision on what they want to eat when they are through the drive-thru of the fast-food establishment.

They catch a glimpse of an employee “waving” at them, and they immediately conclude that they are being treated like a celebrity.

At that moment, another vehicle cuts them off, and they come to the realization that the worker is merely attempting to maintain the flow of the line.

Following the couple’s laughter, the words “Sorry, Kevin and Michèle” appear on the screen. In this place, we treat each and every family as if they were celebrities.

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