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Erig Ten Hag, the manager of Manchester United, ultimately lost his job this evening in a dramatic spectacle following the team’s match against Brentford, which ended in a draw.

In spite of the fact that Erik ten Hag is not often one to engage in raucous celebrations, he clapped and clenched both of his fists.

by Dandozzy

To be more specific, for the double save that Andre Onana made.

During the extra time, he had even more reasons to be pleased.

Two weeks after one of Manchester United’s most recent victories, they were late once again.

This came after they had already been late. Following the equalizer that they scored, only Brentford remained.

During the weekend of daylight saving time, United would have been able to avoid being robbed during daytime hours if they had been successful.

Mason Mount scored a goal in the 96th minute that appeared to be the game-winning goal; however, the equalizer scored by Kristoffer Ajer in the 99th minute put a stop to the goal.

After United had celebrated Mount’s first goal for the team, United coach Steve McClaren emerged from the technical room and pointed at his temples.

Mount had just scored his first goal for the team. Inability to maintain concentration was a problem for United.

Is it possible for this United team to make the most of any opportunities that come their way? However, the answer is “no.”

This was additional evidence that needed to be submitted for the first seven months of the season.

In spite of the fact that this conclusion was extraordinary, the bigger picture reveals that United was defeated by a squad that has only won two of its previous eighteen games.

At the halftime break, a fervent supporter of Brentford posed the question, “How is it that we are not winning?” At the Community Stadium, incidents of this kind of entitlement have been extremely rarity.

It’s possible that the supporter expressed similar sentiments in a quiet voice while Brentford was performing his lap of honor at full time.

Three times, Brentford was unsuccessful in scoring, and he made thirty-one shots on goal, all of which were directed toward the United goal.

On the other hand, Rasmus Hojlund appeared to be a wasteful striker prior to his breakthrough on Boxing Day, when United’s lone opening match came against Villa.

With his goal, Mount became United’s seventeenth different scorer so far this season.

Not only was the Easter Saturday 8pm kickoff tough enough for United, but they also had to deal with the stress of Tottenham and Aston Villa winning earlier in the day. Additionally, the game also took place on Easter Saturday.

United was 12 points below the final Champions League qualification berth when the tunnel was completed following the tunnel.

Their performance gave off an air of defeat, despite the fact that they ought to have prepared themselves for the humiliation that they had just experienced.

In light of the fact that nearly half of their matchday team remained at home, it is not the case that their international players’ air miles are to blame.

Mount handed United an early peek at the talent they had decided to invest ÂŁ60 million on.

Mount has not competed for England since the 2022 World Cup.

He made one run at the half-way point before heading into the box to score his first goal for United.

Despite the regression they had to undergo, the 1,725 United supporters in the far corner were unwaveringly supportive, singing “We love United we do” in extra time before the victorious Mount attacked towards them.

Their chaotic campaign, which consisted of 20 victories and 16 losses, has allowed them to acquire accustomed to the situation.

The person who was speaking at the stadium mispronounced Mainoo’s name, and it seemed as though he was a different athlete.

Mainoo had a rather peaceful week that came to an end, and it was reasonable that he would not have a particularly impressive performance two days after missing practice due to illness.

Of the starting lineup that had been defeated by Brentford by a score of 4-0 19 months earlier, only three players were still in the lineup.

United’s only positive development was that they were not trailing Brentford by the same amount at halftime.

This was the only positive development by United. At the same time that Brentford generated at least four great opportunities in the first half alone, Ten Hag, who was a fish out of water at left back, looked away in rage at one probing pass in behind Aaron Wan-Bissaka.

Despite this, he persisted to take the bait. Raphael Varane was the only player who performed effectively in the first half, and it is most likely that his substitution at halftime was something that was forced upon him.

Harry Maguire’s appearance was met with enthusiastic applause from the home crowd, who kept in mind his role in determining the fate of the previous season as well as his reputation from the two seasons prior.

At this point, the majority of the problems were located in front of United’s back four.

However, despite the fact that one Liverpool pass had avoided half of the United team two weeks earlier, the issue continued to exist.

It was owing to some pinpoint passes from Yoane Wissa and Keane Lewis-Potter that Ivan Toney was able to get a shot on goal, but he ended up hitting the left upright instead.

The goal was equalized by Ajer, who scored from the position that United’s midfielders were supposed to hold.

It was a mistake for Ten Hag to start the same lineup thirteen days after the season’s high point against Liverpool, despite the fact that it was a sensible move.

During that action-packed afternoon, a substitute was the spark that fueled United’s comeback, and another player scored the goal that ultimately decided the game. One of their substitutes scored the only goal for them.

Because Victor Lindelof was not the most resilient or athletic center half, it was obvious that the powerful Toney was grating on his nerves.

Because Wan-Bissaka’s trial with playing left back has only lasted for three games, continuing it would be a risky move.

It was vital to make a tactical modification in order to lend support to Varane’s impending forced retirement.

When Wan-Bissaka did not have possession of the ball during the first half, Alejandro Garnacho was completely incensed by his location and the lack of bravery he displayed.

During the early stages of the second half, Garnacho, who was making his first appearance for Argentina in Los Angeles on Tuesday night, became captivated and was quickly on his way.

Ten Hag, who had been remaining cool on the touchline, started encouraging the United players after Marcus Rashford made a mistake with his first touch.

In the 28th minute, he had to cry “Bruno” three times before Fernandes heard him and was subsequently summoned to the touchline.

Due to the fact that Zanka swiftly skimmed the crossbar, the outcome was not what was intended. While Brentford was in control of the situation, Fernandes maneuvered around Onana to take a loose kick in a span of less than six minutes.

As a result of United’s insistence on booting the ball, Brentford’s three center halves versus Hojlund had plenty of opportunities to practice heading.

He reiterated his argument during the delay that occurred prior to their corner kick. It was his only chance to keep it on the deck where it was.

When Toney, the player with the greater likelihood of scoring, had the ball in the net, he went offside.

Ten Hag’s anger grew as a result of Antony’s negligent pushing, which allowed Brentford to take advantage of the additional space.

The environment was better suitable for United’s performance in that particular game.

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