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As of this morning, Trent Alexander Arnold has officially parted ways with Liverpool in order to join their European rivals! 😱

During Jurgen Klopp's stint as manager of Liverpool, there are six matches left to play, and the team's current priority is to continue their pursuit of the Premier League title.

by Dandozzy

Due to the fact that the Reds were unable to overcome their first-leg deficit against Atalanta on Thursday, there will not be a Europa League final send-off in Dublin the following month.

Following the match against Fulham on Sunday, the team managed by Jurgen Klopp will play three games away from home in the Premier League.

Following this, there will be a Merseyside derby match against Everton at Goodison Park during the week, as well as a trip to West Ham to play against them.

Liverpool begins the weekend in third place, two points behind Manchester City.

Manchester City is in first place. On the other hand, if Arsenal makes a mistake against Wolves, they might be able to recover the top spot.

Given that Liverpool will have two matches before City’s next encounter, it is possible that Pep Guardiola’s club will soon be under the same kind of pressure.

After suffering an injury in Italy, Trent Alexander-Arnold made his first start since then. He is motivated to finish the season and Klopp’s rule on a positive note this time around.

“After the game, we talked positively about the rest of the season,” he made the following statement on the official website of the club.

Because we just have one month left, we have to give it our all.

‘We are going to put everything we have into it and do everything we can.

Even while we are aware that the championship race is no longer in our control, we must put out our best effort and be prepared to capitalize on any mistakes made by other teams.

“On Sunday, we have a really important game that we absolutely must win.

It is going to be a challenging week for us, as we have three games away from home that we need to win and gain wins from. Right now, we are concentrating on it.”

In the meantime, Klopp has urged his players to focus solely on their own performances, rather than allowing themselves to be influenced by the outcomes of City and Arsenal.

The previous weekend, his team was defeated by Crystal Palace by a score of 1-0, and subsequent to that, Arsenal was defeated at home by Aston Villa.

Following the defeat at the hands of Atalanta, he stated, “The title race is not in our control.”

There is a good likelihood that we will be champions if we are successful in all of our games. On the other hand, there might be another person there.

We are all under the impression that [Manchester] City will win every single one of their matches, but they still have a lot of matches to play off against challenging opponents. “We do not concentrate on them.”

Observations from Liverpool.com: Despite the fact that the Reds have had a challenging week, their attitude will significantly improve if they are victorious at Fulham.

It is important to remember that this would put Liverpool ahead of City before to the Merseyside derby that will take place this week.

The only option available to Klopp’s club at this point is to win all six matches.

Despite the fact that this is not sufficient, they should nevertheless be commended for having an amazing season.

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