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Mohamed Salah, a playmaker and winger for Liverpool, is about to complete a shocking transfer to Premier League rivals! 😳 This news is breaking, and it will make him the most hated player in the league.

Over the past few months, Liverpool and Mohamed Salah have both been going through a difficult stretch.

by Dandozzy

Due to the fact that Jurgen Klopp is getting closer to leaving his position, the Reds have been eliminated from the FA Cup and the Europa League, and they are now no longer in contention for the Premier League crown.

Liverpool is now on track to finish the season with a spot in the Champions League and the Carabao Cup, despite the fact that they were previously in a position to potentially win a quadruple.

The previous summer, this may have appeared to be improvement; nevertheless, there are now discussions about the necessity for significant changes due to deficiencies in both the defensive and offensive sides of the ball.

On the other hand, Liverpool is likely to take a more sustainable approach to the situation.

In spite of the fact that the most recent weeks have been challenging, the fundamental components that carried them towards the title race have not suddenly become insufficient. In particular, injuries have done a lot of damage.

A number of reports have surfaced that imply Liverpool is making preparations to cut company with Salah.

Richard Hughes, the director of sporting operations, is reportedly the driving force behind the decision to sell the Egyptian forward.

The fact that Salah’s contract is set to expire in 2025, in addition to his recent progress following an injury, has contributed to the speculation that surrounds his future.

His age of 31 has raised concerns about his longevity, particularly in light of the recent difficulties he has experienced in terms of his performance.

Despite the fact that this is indisputable, the more general reality is still clear.

In the current season, Salah has made a significant contribution to Liverpool by contributing 24 goals and 13 assists.

This is a total that would have been even higher if Darwin Núñez, in particular, had been more clinical with the opportunities that were created for him.

In spite of the fact that he is not at his best, Salah has nevertheless managed to score five goals in the nine Premier League matches that he has played in 2024.

This is not an amazing number, but it is certainly not a horrible performance.

When compared to other players, he is evaluated differently due to the high standards that he has established for himself.

Diogo Jota, who plays for Liverpool, is the only player with a slightly better goals-per-minute ratio than Mohamed Salah this season, and that difference is only five minutes.

Nevertheless, Liverpool cannot place an excessive amount of reliance on Jota’s wellness. Salah’s injury history has been rather stable, despite the latest worries that have been raised.

Among the five attackers that Liverpool has, Salah continues to be the most reliable in terms of his ability to score goals and his availability for selection.

Resetting him and reducing the amount of strain he is under from others around him might be beneficial to him.

It is highly probable that the criticism of Salah’s performance would have been less pronounced if Núñez had not experienced a decline in his performance at the same time as Salah, and if Jota had not been sidelined at a particularly inopportune point.

Given that Salah is already in his thirties, that he has recently suffered his first injury while playing for Liverpool, and that he will shortly enter the final year of his contract, it is not inconceivable to propose that he could be relocated to another club during the summer.

On the other hand, such a move would involve a large amount of danger.

It would be a significant risk for them to part ways with their most dependable forward at a time when there are concerns regarding the consistency and availability of the other four forwards.

If this risk were to occur during the same summer as a change in management, the severity of the risk would go up even further.

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