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Bruno Fernandez was being interviewed by Sky Sports when Erig Ten Hag dragged him away from the interview. Fernandez was talking about his future with Manchester United.

Despite the fact that United has had a difficult season, the Portuguese player has been one of the team's shining achievements.

by Dandozzy

When they played their final home game of the 2023–24 season, he was once again playing in the starting lineup.

A classic example of the 29-year-old’s creative play is the fact that he created five chances and 11 significant plays into the final third of the soccer field.

The winner of the match award was given to him. According to reports, a number of teams are interested in signing the player before the summer transfer market begins.

This is due to the fact that he has been rather vital for United in recent times.

According to an article published in the Manchester Evening News, both Bayern Munich and Inter Milan are reportedly “interested” in Fernandes moving forward. Cristiano Ronaldo, in point of fact, has just lately informed a buddy of his that he will be joining Al Nassr.

Immediately following United’s victory against Newcastle on Wednesday evening, Fernandes expressed his thoughts on how challenging their season has been and how determined he is to defeat Manchester City in the FA Cup final that will take place this month.

Without a doubt, the task is not yet over. In an interview with Sky Sports, he stated that the FA Cup final is the most important game of the season, and that there is still one game left in the Premier League.

The current season has been challenging. Because it is displayed in the table, we are all aware of that. All during the season, the people have been wonderful and have been on our side.

For everything that they have done for us, everyone in this room is thankful.

The fans are deserving of us to improve and evolve, and we want to make that happen. “They’ve been great for us, and we had to do something,” Fernandes said.

“We had to do something.” We have been making an effort, but the outcomes do not reflect that.

In spite of the fact that everyone has put in a lot of effort and done their best, it is not enough. More needs to be done by us.

After that, they inquired of the player whether he would “lead this club to where they want to be” in his talks following the conclusion of the game.

Fernandes continued by saying, “I will remain here until I say so; the club needs to want me at this point.” Because I believe that the club is interested in having me as well, I do not want to be a player that they do not want to have, as I have already stated.

In the event that they do not want me for some reason, I will depart, however…” Erik ten Hag pulled Fernandes away from the conversation just as he was about to finish his sentence.

This was done so that Fernandes could participate in the lap of honor with the squad.

Shortly after that, Sky Sports made the decision to broadcast Ten Hag’s address to the audience that was present at Old Trafford.

Watch this video to see for yourself that there are some boos in the background. “I want to thank you all for your wonderful support throughout this season,” he said.

“You are already aware that this season was not an easy one, but one thing that has remained consistent is your continuous support for the team.”

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