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After the’shock’ expose that Liverpool made, Darwin Nunez sent a message to Jurgen Klopp

After admitting that he was "shocked" by Jurgen Klopp's departure as manager of Liverpool, Darwin Nunez has given the impression that he is trying to downplay rumors that he and Klopp have a gap.

by Dandozzy

After almost nine years in charge at Anfield, Jurgen Klopp stepped down from his position last week.

Arne Slot, the manager of Feyenoord, will take over as successor to Klopp, and he will formally begin his duty as head coach on June 1.

The fact that Nunez did not applaud Jurgen Klopp during the guard of honor during Klopp’s final game as manager of Liverpool, which took place at home against Wolves last Saturday, caused a lot of people to start talking about him.

This was after he had removed practically all photographs relating to Liverpool from his Instagram account less than a fortnight earlier.

However, later on the same day, the Uruguayan was seen dancing with Klopp at the party that was held for the manager, as well as other members of the coaching staff and players who are leaving this summer.

To add insult to injury, Nunez has now stated that there is no problem with the individual who had a significant role in the striker’s probable club record transfer from Benfica to Liverpool, which was for £85 million two years ago.

“No one anticipated Klopp’s departure, so we were all a little surprised by it,” Nunez said. “No one expected it.” It is unfortunate that he is going to be leaving.

“From a personal standpoint, I would have preferred for him to leave in a big fashion, winning things, but unfortunately, that did not occur.

In addition, it is unfortunate for the players. The very best of luck to him in the entire world.

Even though Liverpool was eliminated from contention for the Premier League championship in the final weeks of the season and went on to lose in the quarterfinals of both the FA Cup and the Europa League, they had previously triumphed over Chelsea in the League Cup final earlier in the season. Nunez was unable to participate in the final due to an injury.

Nunez is currently in Uruguay to begin preparations for the Copa America tournament, which will take place later this month.

The national team will play a friendly match against Costa Rica tomorrow morning, which will take place in the early hours of the morning.

The forward for Liverpool also stated, in an interview with the Uruguayan news site El Pais, that “the hope is to go step by step.”

First and first, we need to make it through the group stage. After that, we will have to compete in all of the games that are going to be played and do everything in our power to win the cup.

As we have demonstrated against Brazil and Argentina, we are a team comprised of a large number of young players who are headed in the correct direction.

Every one of us possesses a high level of quality, and there is a reason why we are all on the national team and playing for major clubs.

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