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Stanford Bridge bursts in jubilation as Eden Hazard’s brother finally breaks his silence on the club that his brother would like his brother to play for.

The renowned football player Eden Hazard's brother has finally broken his silence over his comeback to the sport.

by Dandozzy

The brother of the former Chelsea and Real Madrid player, Kylian, advised him to hang up his boots and retire from professional sports. The winger, who is 32 years old, was released from his contract at the Santiago Bernabeu despite the fact that he still had one year left on it. As a result, he did not have a team to play for this season.

After moving from Chelsea to Real Madrid, he suffered numerous injuries, which made it challenging for him to break into the starting lineup at his new club. Even when Hazard was on the pitch, Vinicius Junior, Marco Asensio, and Rodrygo were able to get the better of the Belgian international.

In point of fact, while Carlo Ancelotti was in charge of the Real Madrid team, he frequently opted to play Federico Valverde on the right wing rather than in his customary role as a box-to-box midfielder. There has been a great deal of speculation regarding Hazard’s future ever since he became a free agent. According to those who are close to him, he has reportedly declined offers from as many as six different organisations.

His efforts have been rewarded, and now that the season is well under way, he should take this opportunity to relax and enjoy the fruits of his labour. According to Eden’s younger brother Kylian, who spoke with a Spanish daily called Diario AS, the great Chelsea star continues to reside in Madrid but has decided to take a hiatus from playing professional football. Kylian is a journalist.

Kylian has been quoted as saying, “He’s not moving right now, but I don’t know if his career is over.” If and when he does come to a conclusion, it will be necessary for him to communicate his choice. Eden has made the decision to take things easy for the time being and is currently residing in Madrid, which is also where his children attend school.

“For the time being, he’s attempting to take pleasure in life.” Because football was and always has been his number one passion in life, he always gave his very best effort for each and every squad he played for.

Even Real Madrid couldn’t beat the gold medals that he earned for all of the teams he played for when he was on their roster. If I were in his position, I’d call it quits straight away. After putting in so much effort for so many hours, Eden needs to relax and unwind with his loved ones.

Because of this, Hazard has been keeping Chelsea in good form despite the fact that he resides in Madrid and has been pulling some strings. According to The Express, Romeo Lavia had a conversation with the Blues icon in December regarding his time at Stamford Bridge before Romeo Lavia joined the club in the summer.

The tale states that Hazard “actively encouraged” his fellow countryman to join the west London team if the opportunity presented itself. After a few months had passed, Lavia gave him a call to express her delight in his decision to move to Chelsea.

“The big boss,” Lavia remarked as Hazard took the call in her presence. The superstar player for Real Madrid responded with the question, “Are you a Blue now or what?”

It was Lavia who responded, “Yes, I’m looking at the practise pitch right now.”

At your own peril: “Congratulations.”

The response from the lady was “Thank you, thank you.”

He was informed by Hazard that “You’re at a great club!”

Lavia: “Your good name puts me under pressure here right away!”

“They have a lot of knowledge about Belgium,” Hazard remarked. You are now aware of my location in the event that you require anything.

Hazard also assured the young player that despite Chelsea’s lacklustre performance in the previous campaign, they will be in contention for titles once Mauricio Pochettino takes over as manager. He claimed that while the previous year was not good for Chelsea, this coming year will be better because a lot of things have changed since the previous year.

“Don’t worry, you’ll have the opportunity to demonstrate what you’re capable of doing. You are aware of the positive qualities that you possess. As a Belgian, things will go swimmingly for you as a result of that.

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