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Recent revelations regarding Mason Greenwood has sparked significant unhappiness among football Lovers.

After his loan at Getafe ends, Mason Greenwood will be returning to Football Manager.

by Dandozzy
  • Following Greenwood’s imprisonment in February 2022, he was banned from playing Football Manager.
  • A decision was made earlier this year to withdraw all charges of rape and assault against the striker.
  • Since then, Getafe have made the loan signing of the striker.

Greenwood will be back in Football Manager / Robbie Jay Barratt – AMA/GettyImages

After Manchester United finished their inquiry into the striker, Sports Interactive has revealed that Mason Greenwood will be returning in Football Manager 2024.

After being arrested in February 2022, Greenwood was removed from Football Manager. However, charges of rape and sexual assault against the striker were dropped earlier this year, and after that, United started their own inquiry into the allegations.

In the summer, United brought an end to their legal processes by asserting that Greenwood was exonerated of all charges, while also acknowledging that the striker would have to depart Old Trafford in order to relaunch his career in football.

Greenwood had discussions on a loan to the Italian club Atalanta, but in the end, he decided to sign a contract with the La Liga club Getafe for a period of one year.

Greenwood is expected to make his comeback to Football Manager when the next installment of the game is released later this year. He has now returned to the sport of football, and neither an internal nor an external investigation has been conducted into his behaviour.

“Players or officials serving indefinite suspensions from football, for any reason, are removed from Football Manager at the first opportunity,” a representative from Sports Interactive told The Athletic.The player or official will be brought back into the game at the time of the next regularly scheduled update once any bans or limits on their playing time have been lifted.

Getafe have come under fire for their decision to sign Greenwood, but the director of the club has argued that the 21-year-old is no different than any other ordinary player because the court did not find him guilty of the charges against him.

In the beginning of this month, director Ruben Reyes was quoted as saying, “We did what we do: sign players that are available to sign.” “There is absolutely no reason for us to deal with anything [off the pitch]. We have added a footballer to our roster who is, in every respect, identical to Diego Rico and Oscar Rodriguez, and that is it. We are obligated to perform our duties, therefore that is where our attention is directed.

He proceeded by saying, “It is a year’s loan: it is extremely difficult to get an option to buy on a player [like him].” He will remain throughout the entire season. There are negotiations going on behind the scenes [between the clubs], but we make an effort to keep those particulars to ourselves.

They acknowledged our efforts and admired how persuaded we were.All of us are quite ecstatic about him. We were aware of his presence as a player in the game. We put effort into it, acquired knowledge about it, and gradually realised that there was a possibility that it may work.

We had a lengthy conversation with his family, including his father and other members of his community. We were successful in persuading him to come here and to have faith in us. We are content with this.

He has a really carefree style of play, almost as if he were on the playground at school. He is at a very high level. We had a fantasy that one day we would be able to bring him here, and every so often, that dream comes true.

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