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During an interview, Cristiano Ronaldo unexpectedly disclosed the identity of David de Gea’s next club.

by Dandozzy

David De Gea, a Spanish goalkeeper, is now without a club after leaving Manchester United in June without obtaining a new contract despite his desire to remain with the club. In spite of the fact that Bayern Munich and Real Madrid had early negotiations with the goalkeeper over the summer, neither club made an offer to him.

Despite the fact that teams in the Saudi Pro League and Qatari Stars League have shown interest in De Gea, he has stated that he would rather remain in Europe and has declined possibilities in the Middle East.

A notable attempt to sway De Gea’s decision was made by Cristiano Ronaldo, who was De Gea’s former colleague at Manchester United. Ronaldo persuaded De Gea to join Al Nassr instead of Manchester United. De Gea, on the other hand, is unwavering in his determination to remain in Europe, particularly with the intention of maintaining his participation in the UEFA Champions League.

After spending his entire career with Atletico Madrid and subsequently Manchester United, the goalkeeper, who is now 32 years old, is keen to continue playing at the greatest level. He is currently holding the position that he will wait until the transfer window opens in January to evaluate offers and make a decision regarding his future.

It has been reported by sources that De Gea is considering the option of retiring in the event that he does not receive what he considers to be the “right offer.”

Despite the fact that De Gea’s desire to play in the Champions League is a significant element in his decision-making process, it is important to note that he has not participated in a match for the Spain national team since the year 2020 and was not included in their squad for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

In the meantime, Andre Onana, who took over as manager of Manchester United after his departure, has been confronted with a number of obstacles, including criticism for allowing Bayern Munich to score a goal that was not very difficult to score. The issue at Old Trafford with the goalkeeper has become even more complicated as a result of this information.

During the final season that De Gea played for Manchester United, he was subjected to criticism for his ability to play from the back and with his feet. Onana, on the other hand, is particularly competent in this area. The entire football community is eagerly awaiting De Gea’s choice as he navigates this crucial point in his career. If the appropriate opportunity does not present itself within the next several months, De Gea may decide to retire from the sport.

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