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Reconfirmed by Fabrizio Romano, a breaking news report It was announced this evening that Karim Benzema has joined the Premier League giants!

A huge transfer took place in the summer of 2023 when Karim Benzema moved from Real Madrid, a powerhouse that had won the Champions League 14 times, to Al Ittihad, which is located in Saudi Arabia.

by Dandozzy

The high-profile deal resulted in Benzema signing a contract that was reportedly worth an astounding 192 million pounds each year over the course of three years.

Recent reports, on the other hand, have appeared, which imply that the striker, who is 36 years old, might be feeling uneasy in his new surroundings.

Benzema’s prospective departure from Al Ittihad would not be a simple journey, despite the fact that he is widely regarded as the poster boy signing for the Saudi Pro League and that he is spearheading an exodus of renowned players from Europe.

The complexity of the matter is highlighted by the fact that any departure would necessitate authorization from the coach of Al Ittihad, Marcelo Gallardo, the sports director Roman Planes, and even the Ministry of Sport in Saudi Arabia.

It is important to note that Benzema has not formally conveyed any intention to quit Al Ittihad, despite the fact that there have been stories indicating that he is allegedly dissatisfied with his current position.

The rumor mill gained speed when he returned late from a vacation in Mauritius, which sparked suspicion about his future that he would be leaving the country.

After Manchester United and Arsenal expressed interest in acquiring his talents, French sources suggested that Benzema had requested a “temporary” exit from Al Ittihad.

Additionally, a big Spanish website called Marca hinted at the possibility of a meeting with the hierarchy of Al Ittihad. Lyon, his former club, has even been mentioned in connection with the possibility of a reunion.

Benzema, who had a productive 14-year career with Real Madrid and scored 354 goals during that time, refuted these claims in an interview with L’Equipe, describing them as “completely false” and attributing them to the invention of the media.

According to the French striker, the size of the player has a direct correlation to the level of imagination displayed by the media.

The financial component adds still another degree of complication to the matter, with Benzema’s enormous wage packet having the potential to make any move more difficult.

The fact that Jordan Henderson broke his contract with Al Ettifaq in order to sign with Ajax is illustrative of the larger situation.

According to these rumors, both Manchester United and Arsenal, which are both having a difficult time with their respective Premier League seasons, might stand to gain a great deal from Benzema’s incredible ability to score goals.

Arsenal, despite their recent 5-0 success over Crystal Palace, has encountered inconsistencies in their goal-scoring prowess.

United, who are presently seventh in the table, have struggled to reach the back of the net, while Arsenal have made it difficult for themselves to score goals.

In his 15 games for Al Ittihad, Benzema has scored nine goals and provided five assists, according to his statistics. On the other hand, his team is a huge distance behind Al Hilal in the race for the Saudi Pro League championship.

Al Hilal is still unbeaten and has a significant 25-point advantage over Al Ittihad.

Benzema’s future is still unknown, despite the fact that reports about his departure continue to circulate; nonetheless, his denial of exit talks may put an end to the current speculations, at least for the time being.

The possible consequence of Benzema’s decision to remain with Al Ittihad or to leave the club is significant, not only for the Saudi Pro League but also for the potential suitors who are interested in acquiring the services of the seasoned French striker in the Premier League.

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