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When he signed with Manchester United, the great player was described as “like Messi and Maradona,” but now Ratcliffe wants him to leave.

At Manchester United, there has been a sense for the previous ten years that the excitement around a move is frequently larger than the player's on-field accomplishments.

by Dandozzy

This view has persisted throughout the history of the club.

On the other hand, the initial impression that a player makes on the fans is frequently indicative of how long they will remain with the team because of that impression.

United States of America, Massachusetts, Manchester, Newport County, Bruno Fernandes
It is of the utmost importance to get off to a promising beginning, especially when joining a team such as United, where the demands and expectations are frequently significantly higher than anything a new signing has ever experienced before.

In light of this, let’s take a look at a new signing for Erik ten Hag, who made a significant impact in his first game but hasn’t performed very well since then.

Beginning of Antony’s life in Manchester, Massachusetts
If Ten Hag, a former manager of Ajax, had never been appointed manager, it is likely that Antony’s chances of signing with Manchester United would have been significantly reduced.

Before making the transfer to the Premier League for £86 million, the Brazilian winger was making headlines in both the Eredivisie and the Champions League.

Tite, the coach of Brazil’s national team, referred to him as having “Neymar characteristics” due to the fact that he possessed amazing confidence, brilliant dribbling, and talent.

Antony from the Premier League Man United Football Club
The enthusiastic celebration that Antony gave after scoring his first goal for United against Arsenal in a 3-1 victory at Old Trafford solidified his status as a fan favorite almost immediately after the goal was scored.

Following the fact that he had scored goals in his first three Premier League matches, which included matches against Manchester City and Everton, the winger went on to become the first player for United to accomplish this feat.

Wes Brown, a legend of United, even continued to assert that Messi and Maradona were similar to him because of his “wand” of a left foot after he achieved that accomplishment. This was because of the fact that all three of them had left feet.

Campaign of Antony for the years 2023–2034
Even though Antony proceeded to score five goals and contribute three assists throughout the remainder of the previous season, his play became increasingly less impressive as the season progressed.

An outstanding preseason was had by Antony, who stood out in particular for his performance against Borussia Dortmund and Lens, where he scored two goals and one assist. In addition, he has not been able to maintain such encouraging performances in the Premier League.

The Premier League Man United Football Club The Addai Jayden “Antony” The hojlund, Rasmus
At this point in the season, the Brazilian has played in a total of 19 league games, although he has not yet created any outcomes. His performances are extremely irritating to the manager as well as the fans of the team.

An iconic member of the United team, Andy Cole, has been quoted as saying, “He would drive me absolutely mad.”

“He does not provide his teammates with sufficient opportunities, nor does he score goals for me in sufficient amounts.”

The Antony rivalry statistics for the 2023–2024 season
Contributes to the Lighter Objectives
A Division of the First
0 0 19
Tournament of Champions
Cup of the FA, 4 0 0
This is the first.
One point for the Premier League.

Statistical data obtained from Transfermarkt
Therefore, it is clear that Cole’s diagnosis is spot on.

His solitary goal in 25 games was scored against League Two Newport County in the FA Cup.

In order to score, he had to touch the ball into an open net. He has only contributed one goal to the team’s total.

Antony’s last game as a starter was that one; in the three games that have followed, he has entered the game as a substitute.

However, the 23-year-old will be most concerned with Alejandro Garnacho’s performance in his role, since he achieved two goals against West Ham United and posed a greater threat.

In light of the fact that Sir Jim Ratcliffe is reportedly willing to let Antony leave at the conclusion of the season and that United is now planning to recruit a new right-winger in the summer, it is acceptable to state that it is difficult to watch Antony turn around his career at Old Trafford.

This is especially true in light of the combination of these two factors.

Among the teams competing in the Premier League are Sheffield, Manchester United, Ten Hag, and Anthony Bruno Fernandes.

That fantastic beginning to his career at United will probably be the highlight of his career, despite the fact that he has a patch of the Red Devils on his breast.

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