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It has come to our attention that Manchester United is open to the possibility of replacing Erik ten Hag with a manager from the Premier League.

With Manchester United struggling to deliver cohesive performances and suffering a spate of demoralizing setbacks, including a recent 3-0 loss to rivals Manchester City at Old Trafford, the pressure on Dutch coach Erik ten Hag has increased since the beginning of the new season.

by Dandozzy

This may be due to the fact that Manchester United has been struggling to deliver cohesive performances.

Ten Hag, who was appointed by the Glazer family and United chief executive Richard Arnold in the summer of 2022 at the conclusion of a disappointing Premier League campaign, saw initial success with a top-four finish and a League Cup victory in his first season as manager.

On the other hand, this term has witnessed a discernible decline in performance on the pitch.

Despite the fact that Ten Hag has been responsible for the recruitment of a number of high-profile players, notably goalkeeper Andre Onana and midfielder Mason Mount, United has encountered difficulties.

Onana has been prone to making mistakes, and Mount has been having difficulty breaking into the starting lineup on a consistent basis.

Therefore, the coach, who is 53 years old, has been under increasing amounts of pressure, which has led to concerns regarding his future with the club.

Ten Hag, on the other hand, has garnered the confidence of both the Glazers and Arnold, who are confident in his capacity to turn around the fortunes of the squad.

In the meantime, the Glazers are in the process of relinquishing control of United’s sporting operations, and conversations are currently taking place over the possibility of Ratcliffe and INEOS investing in the club. All the same, notwithstanding this change,

Taking into consideration Ten Hag’s track record at Ajax and his accomplishments in his first season at United, Ratcliffe and other stakeholders continue to have faith in his ability to lead.

They feel that the manager is not completely responsible for the flaws of the team and that other members of the squad take responsibility as well.

As a result of Ratcliffe’s forthcoming decisions, it is anticipated that United’s footballing structure will undergo a transformation, which may involve modifications to the club’s sporting direction and transfer strategy.

In light of the fact that the club is working toward establishing a long-term vision and identity, it is widely believed that Paul Mitchell is a top candidate for the position of sports director.

This move toward a more sustainable approach is being made with the intention of achieving the same level of consistency and success as competing clubs such as Manchester City and Liverpool.

Even while there is a possibility that substantial changes may take place behind the scenes, it is quite improbable that United will engage in significant business during the transfer window in January.

Instead, the emphasis is still placed on maintaining stability, and Ten Hag is being pushed to concentrate on teaching and making the most of the potential of the team that is now in place.

During the time when the club is undergoing an investigation that is being directed by Brailsford to review the current operation and assure long-term success, it is important to refrain from making hasty judgments.

In general, the narrative that surrounds Ten Hag’s future at Manchester United highlights the intricacies and challenges that the club is currently facing.

This is because the club’s stakeholders are currently navigating a period of transition and are attempting to build a clear vision for sustained success in the years to come for the club.

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