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It has just come to our attention that Liverpool fans have been informed of the devastating news regarding Mo Salah this morning.

It seems as though Liverpool is going to continue to receive bad news, as it has been stated that Mo Salah may have suffered a recurrence of the same issue in his first game back from a hamstring injury.

by Dandozzy

This comes at a time when Liverpool is experiencing negative news.

As reported by journalist Ahmed Shoubir for the Egyptian news outlet Kora Plus on X, “I learned that Mohamed Salah’s injury, which he suffered while playing for the Egyptian national team, was renewed at the end of the match between Liverpool and Brentford, and he will not be able to play the next match against Luton Town.”

Even after witnessing Curtis Jones, Diogo Jota, and Darwin Nunez all leave the pitch with their own issues against Brentford, this will be far from ideal for all of our fans. This is especially true after all that happened.

There is no need for surgery; Jota’s injury status is unclear as the cup final has been postponed, but the report states that the worst-case scenario is not a possibility.

In light of the fact that Dominik Szoboszlai, Trent Alexander-Arnold, and Thiago Alcantara have all similarly hurried back and picked up fresh ailments in their comebacks as well, this would not be a good look for our medical team.

We have reason to be optimistic about the situation because it is quite improbable that a source in the country where our No. 11 is born would be the first to report the news to anyone on Merseyside while they are waiting for formal confirmation from the club.

Nevertheless, given that our treatment table is already getting close to reaching its maximum capacity, the addition of yet another significant name to the list would be a significant blow.

Check out this video for more information: “I’ve heard…” Carragher announces a new candidate for the position of manager at Liverpool.

Not only for the forthcoming Premier League match at Anfield against Luton Town, but also for the upcoming League Cup final match against Chelsea at Wembley, as well as for the matches that come after that.

We are all aware that this is the final season that Jurgen Klopp will be in charge of the team, and with the expectation of winning four titles, it would be extremely disappointing for all of us if injuries were the reason that we did not achieve the success that we deserve.

Instead of things getting any worse, let’s keep our fingers crossed that this is not the case and that we are able to break out of this rut of fitness worries as soon as possible.

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