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The news that Mohamed Salah has “already agreed next move” and will be leaving Liverpool in the summer has been communicated to the club.

An icon of the Reds believes that Mohamed Salah's time at Anfield is coming to an end, despite the fact that he has been a big contributor to one of the most successful times in Liverpool's recent history.

by Dandozzy

As a result of the declaration that this season will be Jurgen Kloppā€™s last one before he takes a brief sabbatical from the game, the fans at Anfield are in a state of shock.

It is possible that Liverpoolā€™s chances of making a title drive the following season could be badly hurt if they were to lose Salah in the same summer, but Lawrenson is definitely concerned about the worst possible outcome.

On prior occasions, it was anticipated that Salah would leave. In the summer of 2022, the future of the Egypt international was a topic of constant conversation.

This was prior to the fact that he had formally signed a new deal with the Reds and committed the next three years of his career to the team.

Nevertheless, given that his current contract is set to expire in the summer of 2025, the completion of this season represents Liverpoolā€™s final opportunity to realistically recover any cash for their legendary striker from the club.

According to Lawrenson, he is of the opinion that his previous group will be successful and will break up later on in the year.

According to the statement made by the former Liverpool defender in an interview with Paddy Power, ā€œMo Salah will definitely leave this summer.ā€

It is my belief that a deal was made over the summer of last year, regardless of what happens during this season.

It has been communicated to Liverpool by Mohamed Salah that he has ā€œalready agreed next moveā€ and that he would be leaving the club in the summer.

It is possible that Liverpool will earn a substantial sum of money and acquire a few players in exchange for his participation in the Saudi Arabian football league.

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be ruled by Salah like a king!

It was possible for him to burst into Jurgen Kloppā€™s office over the summer of last year and proclaim, ā€˜I want to go,ā€™ but he has not taken advantage of that opportunity.

It is wonderful that the individuals who have taken Salahā€™s position are aware that they are vying for the job; yet, it is also wonderful that none of them have sustained injuries.

According to Lawrenson, Liverpoolā€™s offense still has a significant number of stars that are still present, despite the fact that Salah has left the team.

According to the former commentator for Match of the Day, it is possible that another player will be acquired in order to compensate for the departure of Salah and the goals that she contributes.

The fact that Darwin Nunez, Luis Diaz, and Diogo Jota like playing together is undeniable, and Nunez even managed to score a goal in the match against Burnley!

There is a possibility that Liverpool will attempt to recruit a few more players to cover those places in the event that Mo Salah leaves, which I believe he will.

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