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The ownership of Manchester United has been legally transferred! This is going to give rise to a significant amount of controversy!

The current situation of the Man United acquisition proposal has been confirmed by Sir Jim Ratcliffe.

by Dandozzy
  • Ratcliffe is adamant that there is still competition to purchase Manchester United.
  • Sheikh Jassim is being hailed as the victor, according to local reports in Qatar.
  • The Glazer family has conflicting opinions regarding the offers.

Positive potential clients Sir Jim Ratcliffe, the owner of Manchester United, has reiterated that his offer to purchase the club is very much still on the table, despite assertions coming from Qatar that Sheikh Jassim has already won the competition.

Fans, who are waiting to find out whether the Glazer family would agree to a sale and, if they do, whether Ratcliffe or Sheikh Jassim will be the new owner, have found that the delays that have occurred during the takeover process have proven to be a significant source of aggravation for them.

Sheikh Jassim’s offer, which values the club at a lower price than Ratcliffe’s bid but would include a 100% buy-out, is said to have already been successful, according to reports originating from Qatar; however, Ratcliffe has refuted those assertions.

Ratcliffe stated on Wednesday, during the launch of his book, that “there is still a process, and we are in the process.”

“We are pleased to make you this offer. We have had a pleasant talk with the Glazers on a few occasions, but in the end, it will be up to them to make the decision.

“We still have a strong interest in carrying it out. I am also of the opinion that we would do admirably and would do so for the appropriate reasons. We do not lose our intense concentration on it.”

Ratcliffe elaborated on those reasons and stated that he is not interested in generating money from United, despite the fact that he was aware of the financial perks associated with owning a club of this nature.

“Manchester United and other clubs of this type don’t make ’em like they used to,” he said. “They ain’t making them any more.” “It’s the same as with art or other fields like that when you have unique things, and the value of those things continues to pick up over time because they are very unique and rare.

“It bothers me to waste money or to lose money, so I try to avoid doing either. Despite the fact that it does not in any way provide me joy, we are not there to make money off of it. If it is a really valuable asset, its worth will continue to rise over the course of time.

Last but not least, Ratcliffe stated unequivocally that he has no intention of altering the name of Old Trafford in the event that his bid is successful: “Oh no, God!” That is an unacceptable form of heresy.

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