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After Liverpool’s defeat to Tottenham, Darwin Nunez sends a brief statement on Instagram consisting of nine words.

In light of Liverpool's loss to Tottenham Hotspur earlier today, Darwin Nunez declared that "everyone is against."

by Dandozzy

The referees did an exceptionally terrible job, and even the PGMOL admitted that Luis Diaz’s goal in the first half had been mistakenly disallowed. The Reds were dealt a particularly bad hand by the officials.

The red cards shown to Curtis Jones and Diogo Jota were debatable, and the rest of the evening’s events combined to make things extremely challenging for Liverpool.

Following the completion of the game, the official Reds Instagram page posted a picture from the contest along with the caption “It ends in defeat.” At the Tottenham Hotspur stadium, there was a man positioned below the post who was not there.

The young man, who was only 24 years old, penned the following message: “Come on Liverpool, we are together and against everyone.”

Liverpool’s Nunez fires back with a furious response

It certainly appears as though Liverpool is competing against the rest of the globe at this very moment. Throughout the course of this season, there have been a lot of decisions made against the Reds that have been very, very awful.

Having said that, Diaz’s shift today is without a doubt the poorest of the bunch. The Colombian was unequivocally in first place, and there was no contest at all between the two of them.

Diaz’s performance in the race was likewise outstanding. It no longer has any relevance.

The effect that it ought to have is to make Liverpool feel as though it is under assault. When added to the quality of the team they now have, that has the potential to be harmful to their opponents.

Despite the game’s final score, Liverpool’s performance against Tottenham was, on the whole, very strong. While playing eleven on eleven and even ten on ten, Liverpool gave off the impression of being confident and dangerous.

If they can take today’s bad luck and general feeling of being treated unfairly into the remaining games of the season, it will be very challenging for their opponents to stop them.

In spite of the fact that it might not feel that way right now, Liverpool might be able to make the most of today in order to launch the beginning of something truly extraordinary. It’s possible that Nunez would be the best choice to take the initiative here.

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