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In addition to Jamie Carragher’s condemnation of the video assistant referee, Liverpool delivers a shocking update on Cody Gakpo’s injuries.

In recent news involving Liverpool, Jamie Carragher voiced his displeasure with the Video Assistant Referee (VAR), while Jurgen Klopp provided an update on the injury sustained by Cody Gakpo during their match against Spurs.

by Dandozzy

There wasn’t much else that could have gone wrong or against Liverpool in their late 2-1 loss to Spurs on Saturday. With Jol Matip scoring a late own goal, Cody Gakpo getting injured, Luis Diaz having a goal erroneously disallowed, Curtis Jones and Diogo Jota getting sent off, there wasn’t much else that could have gone wrong or against Liverpool.

Jamie Carragher was irate with the referee when he left.

Despite the verdict of the video assistant referee (VAR) that the decision made on the pitch was accurate, Liverpool icon Jamie Carragher and a large number of other Reds supporters knew that Diaz was onside even before the PGMOL apologized for their error.

Because Darren England did not take the time to clearly define the parameters of the situation, he was forced to make an impulsive decision that ended up being extremely expensive.
An apology would not be of much use to Liverpool at this point because they had nothing to show for their really good effort over the course of 90 minutes despite facing every possible obstacle you could think of putting the Reds’ players through.

Carragher, who is not working as a commentator for Sky Sports on this particular day, said the following on his X/Twitter account: “When it takes this long for an answer from @FA_PGMOL over a contentious decision you know there’s been a f**k up!”

Later, on the same platform, he provided another clarification, saying, “Shocking mistake, but this has nothing to do with the drawing of lines.”
The video assistant referee failed to recognize the Spurs center back, opting instead to give the call to Diaz rather than the full back.

“During the course of this season, when there was a clear infraction of the rules on offsides, they attempted to hasten play by swiftly restarting the game without drawing the lines.
It was a poor mistake on their part to be unaware of the Spurs defender’s extended leg.

The most recent injury involving Cody Gakpo

Jurgen Klopp has provided an update to Cody Gakpo, a Dutch striker who tied the score against Spurs on Saturday before being replaced at halfway. Cody Gakpo’s performance earned him a substitution. After suffering an injury a short while earlier, Gakpo was unable to go with the fight.

After that shot, he felt it even more, despite the fact that he had just scored a goal.
In the postgame news conference, Jurgen Klopp explained that the injury was a result of the foul that occurred earlier.
To tell you the truth, the most significant problem with the game was that Cody was hurt when he was taking a free kick just before he scored.
He is currently hobbling down the corridor while wearing a brace on his leg.

To tell you the truth, dealing with it is my primary concern right now.
It was a horrible, horrible, horrible thing that we had to lose two players (as a result of receiving red cards). Consequently, that is something that needs to be obviously addressed by us.

When questioned whether the injury had been diagnosed early and whether it was possible that it may be a “terrible one,” Klopp responded, “Perhaps, I don’t know.

In the event that Gakpo were to miss more than a week of action, Darwin Nunez would be brought back into the Brighton lineup.
The Liverpool forward was unable to start against Tottenham because of a personal injury that was not considered serious.

Both Curtis Jones and Diogo Jota will be barred from playing in that game due to suspensions.
On the other hand, given that it is a separate competition, both of them will be eligible to take part in the match against Union SG that will take place on Thursday in the Europa League.

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