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Liverpool is currently in the process of finalising negotiations to sign a player for the price of $43 million

During the summer transfer window, Liverpool made enough changes to their midfield, but they paid no heed to their fragile defence, which led to several embarrassing mistakes.

by Dandozzy

The Reds considered making a bid for Piero Hincapie, but in the end they decided against it.

Negotiations are currently taking place in order to secure his signature in January.

Bild, a renowned German news outlet, reported in August that Jurgen Klopp is eager to convince the South American to improve the defence at Anfield and that the manager is hoping to do so by offering a lucrative contract.

Manuel Sierra, his representative, has just arrived in Merseyside in order to verify the level of interest shown by the locals there.

According to the spokesperson for Futbol Sin Casette, Joaquin Saavedra (via Bolavip), the game will be played today.

Although Liverpool was interested in acquiring his services, they ultimately chose to direct their financial resources towards strengthening their midfield instead.

They, along with other clubs, are betting that it will cost at least 50 million euros, which is equivalent to 43.3 million pounds.

In the previous season of the Bundesliga, the Ecuadorian international was a member of the squad that was led by Xabi Alonso and finished in sixth place.

However, due to the fact that he was suspended from the league, he did not participate in any of the first three games of the season that the league leaders played.

On Thursday, Hincapie took part in his first game of the season and played the full 90 minutes as his team defeated Molde 2-1 in the Europa League.

In their first ten games, Liverpool has only managed to keep two clean sheets, and they have placed a significant amount of emphasis on their offence to make up for lost ground this season.

It is imperative that defensive improvements be made during the transfer window in January. Should the Reds make a final offer of $43.3 million to Hincapie in order to secure his services?

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