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Mason Greenwood has officially changed his nationality as of today, and as a result, he will now compete for one of the most prominent national teams.

Mason Greenwood is considering resuming his career on the international stage with Jamaica.

by Dandozzy

Even though Mason Greenwood has not yet competed for Jamaica in an international competition, he is still able to switch his allegiance from England. This is because Greenwood has not yet had the opportunity to compete for Jamaica.

Greenwood’s club future is becoming a little clearer as a result of Manchester United’s decision to cut ties with the 21-year-old player this week. Greenwood’s initial arrest occurred more than 18 months ago, and additional charges against him include attempted rape, engaging in controlling behaviour, and violence. Greenwood’s club future became a little clearer as a result of this decision.

As a result of the withdrawal of key witnesses and “new material that came to light,” the Crown Prosecution Service reached the conclusion in February 2023 that there was no longer a reasonable likelihood of conviction in the case. As Greenwood claimed in a statement he released this week, he was not exonerated of the alleged offences despite the fact that he had not been found guilty of them by a judge or jury in a legal proceeding.

After conducting an internal review over the course of six months, Manchester United came to the conclusion that it would be best for Greenwood to pursue his career elsewhere. Even though a permanent transfer would be preferable, the teams that have expressed interest so far have indicated that they are more interested in a loan.

This week, it was stated by 90min that Roma, which would imply a reunion with Jose Mourinho, is one team rumoured to be eager to provide Greenwood an opportunity to launch his career with the club. The player has already held discussions on a loan with several teams, including Atalanta, Inter, Monaco, as well as clubs in Germany, Turkey, and Spain. The Saudi Pro League is continuing to keep an eye on the developing situation.

Greenwood had a relatively limited amount of senior international experience, especially considering the fact that he played 135 first-team club games before the age of 20 before having his career cut short.

In September 2020, he made his debut for England in a UEFA Nations League match against Iceland. However, two days later, he and Phil Foden breached Covid-19 quarantine laws in the team hotel before travelling to Denmark, which resulted in their dishonourable deportation from the nation. In September 2022, he made his second appearance for England, this time in a UEFA Nations League match against Portugal.

According to the Daily Mail, England manager Gareth Southgate was ready to forget about the events that occurred in Iceland when he met with Greenwood, the player’s family, and representatives from Manchester United in the autumn of 2021. Also present at the meeting were representatives from Manchester United. Under Southgate’s direction, younger players will typically be given a second opportunity so long as they have “good intentions.” According to reports, Greenwood got guidance during the meeting on how to return to the England group in the capacity of a player rather than a starter.

In the end, Greenwood was not chosen at that time, and there is a rumour that his team was not pleased with the press he gained for being called up but maybe not participating. In other words, Greenwood did not make the team. Greenwood has previously been nominated to a tentative roster for Euro 2020, however he withdrew from the competition due to an illness of unknown nature.

According to rumours, Southgate kept working on reintegrating Greenwood into the team in 2022 with an eye towards the World Cup, but his arrest and the charges that came along with it put an end to those attempts.

Since the 22nd of January, 2022, Greenwood has not participated in a professional match, and during the time that Manchester United was suspended, he was not even allowed to train in the setting of a professional team.

The Mail goes on to add that even if Greenwood were to resume his career and with it, a future on the international arena, he might not play for England at all. This is despite the fact that the Mail believes that Greenwood is capable of doing so. Because of his Jamaican ancestry, he was offered the chance to represent Jamaica in its place. The Jamaica Football Federation has shown interest in Greenwood ever since 2021, and only recently, he was photographed donning the team’s tracksuit.

Greenwood has the opportunity to swap his allegiance in accordance with the regulations that govern international eligibility established by FIFA.

In accordance with the modifications that were made to the rules in 2020, football players are now permitted to switch their allegiance so long as they have not participated in more than three senior international matches before reaching the age of 21. In the past, a player’s place on a national team was guaranteed as soon as they made their debut in a senior international match that was a part of a competitive tournament. When Greenwood made his debut for England, he was only 18 years old. This was his only international appearance.

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