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Sir Jim Ratcliffe has already identified a prospective candidate for Erik ten Hag as manager of Manchester United

A lack of consistency has been a defining characteristic of Manchester United's Premier League campaign, which has been accentuated by the club's early elimination from the group stage of both the Carabao Cup and the Champions League.

by Dandozzy

There has been an increase in the amount of pressure that is being placed on manager Erik ten Hag. Some fans are demanding that he be fired, while others believe that there are extenuating circumstances, such as injuries and managerial instability.

A number of individuals, including Graham Potter, who once served as the manager of Chelsea and Brighton, have been mentioned in connection with the managerial role, which has been the subject of conjecture regarding ten Hagā€™s future.

The work that Potter did at Brighton earned him a lot of praise.

where he was instrumental in the cultivation of youthful talents and the implementation of an appealing style of play that resulted in favorable outcomes.

There was a lot of attention paid to Potter because of his ability to cultivate both young and experienced players at Brighton.

In particular, his involvement in the acquisition of potential talents like Tariq Lamptey, Kaoru Mitoma, and others captured the attention of the public.

Because of his accomplishments on the south coast, he has become an appealing candidate for clubs that are looking for managerial stability and progressive football at the same time.

Despite this, Potterā€™s brief stint at Chelsea in 2022 came to a disappointing end, as he was unable to achieve the desired outcomes and left the club before its full potential was realized.

There are many who believe that the chaotic atmosphere and the constant infusion of new players at Chelsea were factors that led to Potterā€™s troubles.

Based on these arguments, it is possible that his time spent at Chelsea does not accurately reflect his managing ability.

Potter has a track record at Brighton that suggests he has the potential to flourish at a major club like Manchester United, despite the fact that his time at Chelsea raises worries about his ability to fulfill his promise.

Potterā€™s ability to negotiate tumultuous environments demonstrates his perseverance and adaptability as a coach, despite the difficulties that come with leading a club that is undergoing transformation.

The uncertainty that surrounds Potterā€™s future is made more intriguing by the fact that he is reportedly interested in returning to coaching in the year 2024.

In spite of the fact that he has previously declined offers from clubs such as Lyon and Leicester City, Potter might be willing to consider a transfer to Manchester United if the opportunity presents itself.

The choice that Manchester United will make regarding ten Hagā€™s future is still up in the air, which is something that should be noted.

Despite the fact that his employment has been called into question due to a combination of poor results and injuries, ten Hagā€™s success in his first season with the club deserves some level of credit.

The ownership structure of the club adds another layer of complexity to the situation, which raises doubts about who has the right to make decisions regarding the clubā€™s management.

In the end, the potential of Potter taking over at Manchester United brings to light the fact that the club requires stability and a distinct vision for the future.

The qualities and potential that Potter possesses make him an attractive prospect for the managing position at Old Trafford, regardless of whether or not ten Hag continues to serve as the teamā€™s leader.

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